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Often international couples advice often sees difference and novelty as a stress in these marriages.  But does it have to be?

In reality, studies have shown that novel experiences can actually stimulate the production of the neurochemicals dopamine and norepinephrine, which show up in the brain in the early, blissful stages of a relationship.  About 13 percent of people reported high levels of romance in their long-term relationships, in a new study published in the March issue of the journal Review of General Psychology.

Will your marriage be one of the lucky ones?

International Couples Advice by a USA Psychologist

There may be some aspects of living in an  international couples relationship that invites this type of novel experience.  Here are three of the big ones:

Novel Experience One: Learn the Language

Learn the language.  Go beyond elementary levels, and really study the idioms, the “mindset” and the worldview.  Watch movies that have sexy scenes in that same native language, and learn what “sexy talk” is to your spouse.  It may surprise you to learn that bilingual Spanish/English women in one study had a very different sexual experience when they had “sex in Spanish” than they did in English.

Novel Experience Two:  Cook the Food, Eat the Food, Mix up the Food

To really develop an appreciation for a culture, food tasting is essential.  But why stop at learning to make your partner’s “favorite food”?  Why not work together to make foods that have elements of both cultures?  Think in broad categories like sweet, savory, texture, or “mouthfeel.”  Is there a way to combine foods from each culture in a way that surprises the palette?  What about experimenting with wines, beers, or other liquors?  Can these be put together to make a novel meal?

Novel Experience Three:  “Escape”  back home in your own living room

Locate a travel video and “head back home.”  Check out a film in your native language to watch together.  Buy magazines from home and keep them around.  Buy perfume that is unique or popular in your country.  Sometimes even re-arranging the furniture in a way that “feels like home” can make a big difference.  In the USA, for example, TV’s often dominates a living room, but this is less true in many parts of Europe.  Try banishing it for a month or two to a less used room, and makes the area feel more novel and “homey.”

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About the Author Dr. K

Dr. K is the President and CEO of Couples Therapy Inc. She maintains her Intensive Couples Therapy practice over the winter in Miami, Fl and the rest of the year on the edge of the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts. She is a Gottman Certified Couples Therapist, has advanced training in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, and is a board-certified sex therapist.

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