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Ours is a science-based approach. 

Your heart is broken. You can't talk without starting a fight. Or you've discovered an affair. Tempers flare. Calmly talking is a challenge.

It all feels chaotic and out of control.

Now imagine taking a single weekend and focusing on your marriage. Deciding you'll learn concrete tools allowing you to talk effectively. From your heart. Focusing on what you need, not what's lacking.

Escaping the rush of life, spend the time to recalibrate your bond. Relaxed. Unhurried. Committed to practicing strategies that will breathe new life into your old patterns. Then applying those very skills right then and there. In a focused, calm setting.

Emotions and Logic.  Science and Passion.​
The Heart and the Head.

A heart-wrenching affair?

  • Consider using the heart-wrenching experience as a trestle that built a new and unshakable domestic love.
  • Allow that painful history to become a distant memory.
  • A regrettable incident that ultimately strengthened and made you a stronger, unbreakable team no one could divide.

Across the USA, in Europe, Australia, and South Africa.

Clinician sees 8-15 couples per retreat a year. 

We teach our couples how to blend science and the art of loving well effectively together. We invite you to be one of them...

We know dramatic change is possible.

We watch it happen week after week.

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Here's why our approach is so different:

  • We learn a lot about you before we start. It's just more respectful and efficient to learn as much as we can before we start intervening. We use a unique online instrument we call "The BIG BIG Book."
  • It asks about your own personal and relationship story. We carefully read, analyze, and make meaning of your every word.
  • Our Feedback Session shares what we've learned, what we think ought to change, and why. This assessment is called the "State of the Union."

Here's how our couples therapists are different:

  • ​We hire the best: 5 Gottman-Certified Therapists and more in training! 
  • Two are Master Trainers for the prestigious Gottman Institute.
  • Three of us ran graduate programs in psychology, two in Marriage & Family Therapy. Another is an ordained minister with over 40 years of experience.
  • We all have a deep passion and commitment to working with couples.
  • All must have two levels of evidenced-based training in couples therapy research. Two approaches to helping couples are required to become an Associate.
  • Up-to-date: We write books, publish articles, teach, research and supervise.
  • We only see couples: GLBTAI+, married or not, and international couples, too.

All of us are required to have at least Level I & II of Gottman Method Couples Therapy. Two of us are board-certified sex therapists. Two of our Master Therapists are early adapters who now train professionals in the Gottman Method through their Institute. Three others have Level III training or are on the "Certification Track." 

  • Indisputable credentials as couples therapists
  • 12 Lanaguages spoken here
  • Providing services over 19 time zones from Eastern USA, to the California Coast, across the Atlantic to Ireland, in the Gold Coast of Australia

That's an astounding set of credentials and achievements for one team to have! 

You've found a clinical practice devoted to couples therapy which is unlike any other practice in the world!

Learn the science behind healing intimate bonds.

  • Research studying real couples, not theorists spouting beliefs based upon current fads or trendy notions.
  • It teaches that marriages die by 'fire' or 'ice.' 'Fiery' marriages fight and are full of anger.  They divorce early... usually in the first 5.5 years.
  • 'Icy' marriages live without interest, affection, humor, or empathy. They hang on longer, an average of 16.2 years, and then die on the vine.

Time to dream big about love again.

I think my wife has finally forgiven me for the things I did ten years ago.
We had intimacy problems - No connection. Angela detected the problem very early on and worked on overcoming this problem. She has given us tools to succeed. It solved the problem for us. I and my wife feel very relieved.  Thank you, folks, for helping me, my wife & my family. ~ Recent Retreat Couple.  More...
Dr. Gorman, I wanted to thank you for this past weekend. I was anxious going into the weekend knowing it would be a difficult one, and it was. But I don't think we could have selected a better therapist.
You put me at ease from the first evening we were together. ~ Recent Retreat Couple  More...   

Will a science-based approach help your marriage?

Find out.

We know that not everyone is appropriate for this time-limited, easy-access approach.

That's why we offer a no-charge consultation.

Our two Intake Coordinators, Daniel & Nancy, are available to describe our process in detail and answer any questions you might have. Daniel is a marriage and family therapist. Nancy is our Senior clinician in Europe, certified with advanced training in a number of clinical models. Both are part of our 18-member worldwide clinically-trained team and can help you to choose a service or clinician who's right for you.  

Most of our couples travel over 1000 miles to choose the therapist who's exactly right for them. But you don't have to. We are located within 300 miles of most USA major cities, and a smartphone and internet connection away from everyone else.

Our Intake Coordinators

Nicole Alvarez (photo coming soon!)

My husband has torn down the walls... and we have a common goal of wanting to have a marriage worth our happiness. I feel free. We both feel like we don't have to pretend or hide anymore - We have been able to talk about any and everything this week and it feels so freeing."  More

Join the most successful couples on the planet...Our clients.


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