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An online intensive 

Shelter in place better, together

Affordable immediate help
to meet a worldwide pandemic 

Online 'State of the Union'
Online Couples Therapy
Discernment Counseling

'Hopeful Spouse'
Individual Coaching

Be Stronger Together with Four Unique Services Provided by Some of the Most Experienced Professionals Found Anywhere.


Online Help in 19 time zones 

 6 am-2:30 am EDT

55-minutes to talk it out, get clear, and get on the same page. Licensed family therapists and psychologist are available, offering early morning and late-night appointment 7 days a week.

  • Enhance communication 
  • Improve daily routines
  • Reduce tensions
  • Strictly confidential

At three price-points to fit your budget.

Today's Challenge

 We'll help you craft a story of how your family survived this worldwide pandemic, with real heroes and one of the hardest struggles of your married life.  It is a time to harden your resolve, strengthen your marriage and protect your family. Take this couple's "stress-test," to focus and direct you. 

  • Walk away with a clear focus for coaching 
  • Run by Two Specialists in Sex & Science-based Couples Therapy 
  • Get necessary feed back to move forward more quickly.

Intensive Online Couples Therapy

For the moderate to severely troubled couples. Begins with an extensive assessment with our signature "BIG BIG Book." Intensive help over a weekend, or smaller sessions. Now online.

  • Concentrated help for a challenging time 
  • Specialists in Science-based Couples Therapy 
  • Improves communication, get closer
  • Three bundled price points depending upon the clinician you choose. 

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For the next 7 days, take this online seminar for only $79 $59*! 
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Shelter in Place and Social Distancing Requires Teamwork

Were you asked to stay home and 'shelter in place?'  Be prepared. Tensions can rise.

  • You're under enormous pressure with competing priorities: your livelihood and your life?
  • Parenting demands 24/7
  • Homeschooling children when you're not a teacher.
  • Social distancing and knowing what to do when family refuses or simply can't.

Everything you've come to rely on to release the pressure, like parties, date night, family outings or even live sports on TV have just disappeared overnight.

5 kinds of couples

Watching Sports Relieved Stress

emotionally abusive relationship

Family Parks Were Important

The uncertainty itself is stressful and threatening.

You need to come together with your spouse. Clarify priorities. Have essential and productive conversations.

Get immediate online help.

They're now more accessible, affordable, and targeted to the the times we live in.

We'll help you to:

  • Learn to better manage new life pressures of sheltering in place.
  • Stay safer when your loved one continues to work outside the home.
  • Coping with the annoyances of "being close."

Look, anyone can allow these overwhelming tensions to cause us to turn on the ones we love. Our goal is to help both of you set a clear direction for yourselves, bring out your best self and learn to love well. Now is the time to develop a fresh perspective on chronic relationship problems and gain greater patience and understanding. You and your relationship deserves it.

And because our couples therapists are from across the world, you'll be able to select times for private coaching sessions that are early morning, late at night, or even in the middle of the night. It's daylight somewhere!

We're dedicated to helping your relationship and strengthen your marriage pragmatically.  Now is the time to pull on your strengths as a couple. Our team is comprised of highly skilled clinicians specializing in science-based ways to help couples. And with 550 years of collective experience, we have some of the best, most senior therapists in the field. 

Set aside some time, 55- minutes only, to focus on healing and repairing your most precious bond. 

While you're at home, this may be the time to enhance your romantic relationship as well.  We believe in enhancing joy, as well as easing the pain.

"Couples Therapy Inc is serious business  - no margaritas, group sessions or yoga classes... a science-based intensive one-on-one retreat addressing your relationship issues head on with a skilled doctoral or masters-level couples therapist."    LiveStrong.com
CBS News New York
Redbook Magazine
Good Housekeeping

Book in 3 easy steps

1.  Give us a call at 844-926-8753, email us or schedule a convenient time to talk using our online scheduler.

2.  Our 20-minute meeting is complimentary and assures that our couples therapy retreat work is right for you. We can't accept every couple, and will let you know if your relationship won't be helped by an Intensive Marriage Retreat or Online Couples Therapy. Invite your partner to join in on the call. Ask about available dates and our clinicians' schedules.

3.  If we agree that our retreat is a good fit, we'll send you an invoice for the date and clinician of your choice. That's it!

Book in 3 easy steps




Book your Coaching sessionToday's Challenge , or State of the Union Assessment now.   Contact us to put your name on a list to be notified when Intensive Couples Retreats in person start up again. We all hope this can be done as soon as it is safe to do so.

Looking for more direction on what services are best for your family? Schedule a coaching session with a therapist of your choosing and discuss your situation. They can recommend the best course of action for you.

After you've scheduled your services with us, create a comfortable and private place in your home for you or both of you to connect with your therapist or coach. You'll be using our high-resolution, HIPAA compliant videoconferencing program. 

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