Sex Therapy with a Twist. Beyond the Physical, Into the Style.

Crucible Model of Sex Therapy: Beyond Function and into Style

Intimacy during sex? Sex Therapy that is beyond “sexual dysfunction,” “erectile disorders” or “orgasm difficulties.” Welcome to genuine passion, pleasure, comfort, friendship, and fun.

Welcome to genuine passion, pleasure, comfort, friendship, and fun. This 1-minute video contains interesting facts about the average couple and suggests a new way to do sex therapy. With a twist.

Crucible® Therapy differs in a number of ways from traditional theories, philosophies, and practices of conventional sex therapy. There are no “sensate focus” exercises, no routine homework assignments, and no “bans” or prescriptions. It doesn’t think of couples as “resisting, treatment.” The goal, instead, is to increase your capacity for intimacy and passion, and in the process, resolves sexual problems like sexual disinterest, orgasmic difficulties, emotional estrangement, and erectile problems. The emphasizes is on personal growth (“differentiation”) rather than on resolving “sexual dysfunctions.” There is no effort to “do it right” sexually.

How Can You Do Sex “Wrong”? A New Look at Sex Therapy

In fact, the work initially focuses on “doing it wrong” and learning from the experience (which really means there is no “wrong” way to be sexual in this model).


Rather than telling you what to do or how to do it, Crucible Therapy uses your spontaneous sexual behavior as a window into yourself, your partner, and your relationship. This approach doesn’t focus on the common age-related changes in sexual functioning as a “problem.” The Crucible Approach says most people can become better in bed in their 40s, 50s, and 60s than they were as young adults.

Instead of trying to reduce anxiety to manageable levels, passionate connections require recognizing the patterns that you engage in that circumvent or dodge anxiety instead of facing into it.

Identifying Sexual Styles, not “Dysfunction” in Sex Therapy

What if “enthusiasm” and “passion” was the standard for good sex, not whether people are “wet” or “hard”? Time to move away from what your genitals are doing, and into your head. Are you “into it” or faking it? Do you like this person, or still holding onto old resentments? Learn to move beyond angry withholding. Good sex therapy looks at ALL aspects of your relationship, not just what you want to do when you’re undressed.

Do you know your sexual style? I will help you figure that out. Most couples that come to me with problems don’t realize it, but they have different styles that get in the way of their understanding each other. I make these style differences clear, to help you “cross style communicate” and get what you want out of sex.

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Passionate friendship.

Some call it “Intimate Friends.” Others call it “people who like to give each other good vibrations.” You can call it just “lovemaking.” Want it back?

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It really can get better.

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