Ecological Heroes: Rex Weyler

Rex Weyler, a personal friend and Co-founder of Greenpeace, talks about our current predicament. In the 1970s, Weyler served as one of the  co-founder of Greenpeace International and editor of the Greenpeace

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Dealing with Loneliness

How the hell can a person Go to work in the morning And come home in the evening And have nothing to say” Angel From Montgomery, written by John Prine. Sung by Bonnie Raitt   So many people battle

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Five Good Reasons to Love an Aspie

Okay, so many people right off are going to say any “Reason to Love an Aspie” are generalizations and these aren’t true of everybody with Aspergers Syndrome. They say, (and with good

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Ecological Catastrophe – Grieving the Loss

Loving the land means grieving the loss.  Ecological Catastrophe is a silent influencer. I’m internationally known for my writing about the psychological impacts of Peak Oil, environmental degradation,

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Gottman’s Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Research has shown that there are some patterns of interaction in a relationship that are very destructive to love: the four things that really destroy marriages. We refer to these as  "The Gottman

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Shadowlands – Fukushima 5 years Later

Five years ago, March 11, 2011, a tsunami, triggered by a 9.0 magnitude earthquake rocked Japan. 15,894 people died and 2,561 still remain unaccounted for – a tragedy that we commemorate and will

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