Alisha Powell, LCSW

Alisha Powell, LCSW

Alisha is a clinical social worker and couples therapist who is well versed in online counseling.

Alisha holds her Couples Retreat in Atlanta, Georgia.


Georgia: Clinical Social Worker (#CSW005640)

Colorado: Clinical Social Worker (#CSW.09923679)

Massachusetts: Licensed Clinical Social Worker (#120446)


Ph.D., Walden University, Minneapolis, Minnesota.  (Social Psychology) Expected 2017.

Denver Family Institute (Post-graduate certificate), 2014

M.S.W. ,University of Denver, Denver, CO (Social Work),  2012

B.A. Oakwood University, Huntsville, AL. (social work) 2011

Clinical Experience

Alisha is a couples therapist at heart. After completing her graduate degree in social work at the University of Denver, where her focus was on family therapy, she entered the Denver Family Institute to get specialized training in working with couples and families.

As is common for so many of the Couples Therapists at Couples Therapy Inc., even this training did not satisfy her thirst for most expertise. She next enrolled in the doctoral program in social psychology at Walden University.

While at the Denver Family Institute, her program focus

Alisha managed 12 hospital crisis centers with one computer and an online hook-up.  They replaced her with two people when she left.

was couples from various cultural backgrounds providing therapy and developing and implementing collaborative treatment plans.

She's also conducted family assessments for couples and collaborated on an interdisciplinary team with professional colleagues. 

In addition to her practical experience, she's  taken classes in various modalities related to couples therapy that included motivational interviewing, sex therapy, multi-problem families, and substance abuse. Through this program she gained a post-graduate certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy.

She's also completed Level One and Two of the Gottman Institute Training.

Personally Speaking

"Ever since I can remember, I wanted to do something with my life that would help people. While I was drawn to the medical field initially, I wanted to do something that was more people focused and improved their emotional and mental well being. Early on, I chose to be a therapist and pursued that dream through the field of social work and then went on to get advanced training in Marriage and Family Therapy. This was a wonderful experience that shaped me as a professional.

"It's rewarding to see couples start to laugh together again, communicate better, and connect with their partner.

I am originally from Alabama and Georgia and relocated to Denver, Colorado for graduate school. I recently relocated to the Atlanta area because of the fast-pace but Southern feel. I love the mild winters, hot summers, and the variety of cuisine available. I also love the fact that I am geographically closer to a beach than I was in Colorado.

I have worked in mental health, medical social work, hospice, residential, and outpatient settings.

However, my first love has always been couples therapy. I fight for their relationship until they tell me not to fight any longer. I believe I'm the last one in the room that should be giving up, while discovering and exploring what they want to gain from their therapy experience. When couples are disengaged, and couples work is the "last thing on the list to check off" before divorce, there's an emphasis on identifying the factors that caused them to disengage from each other and challenging them to become fully engaged in the therapeutic process.

Personally, I'm the oldest of four children and while I don't have any children of my own, I have a "dog-child" named Sam who is a Jack Russell Terrier who has been my constant companion for the last 9 years.

My parents have been married over 30 years and they have always functioned as a team and taken time out for each other. From them, I've learned the importance of perseverance and being willing to compromise and be flexible.

I once spoke to a classmate of mine who married right after he turned 21 and the marriage was still going strong. He said: "I made a commitment to my wife on our wedding day but every day I choose her. From the moment I wake up to the time I sleep, I choose to be and remain married."

I loved this because I think it demonstrates what it means to have a relationship built on love,trust, and commitment with each partner making the relationship a priority.

In my spare time I enjoy traveling, trying new foods, and reading a good book.

Evidence-Based Treatment Models:

Solution-Focused Brief

Couples Therapy

Clinical Experience & Focus

  • infidelity
  • open marriages
  • blended families
  • substance use
  • sex addiction
  • mental illness
  • life stressors
  • and parenting conflicts.

"My first love has always been couples therapy. I fight for their relationship until they tell me not to fight any longer. 
I believe I'm the last one in the room that should be giving up..."

Alisha is completing her doctoral degree

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