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When it comes to your family's wellbeing, traveling to reach help should never be a factor. And now it doesn't have to be. Our online marriage counseling is available as soon as you know that you need help.

What is online marriage counseling?

This sort of online therapeutic work has been called many things: online marriage counseling, online couples counseling or marriage counseling online but what exactly is it?

It’s confusing, as you'll find everything from ebooks and video programs to text-type “therapy” or “coaching” in the search results. Costs range from $30 a week to $300 a month for “unlimited access.”

Marriage counseling itself is a form of psychotherapy designed to help adults in intimate relationships who are struggling with their communication, sex and intimacy, collaboration, sense of belonging in their relationship, among other issues. When it is done online, it is called “online marriage counseling.”

Couple on computer in Online Marriage Counseling

Perfect to cuddle in and talk about how you want to be cared for when stressed to the max!

Marriage Counseling Online can help you reach your goals.

Free one-to-one  Consultation meeting.

32 Therapists.  One Coordinated Team. 600 years of collective experience.

Our Team of Online Marriage Counselors

Who is helped by online couples counseling?

Online therapy has been demonstrated to be as effective as face-to-face therapy in multiple studies.

Our clients are typically busy professionals. All have enormous time constraints:

  • check
    CEO's working for multinational corporations or other international organizations
  • check
    Entrepreneurs and business owners and their spouses
  • check
    Others frequently traveling for work
  • check
    International teachers, Foreign Service Officers, in the Diplomatic Corp, other government employees abroad, or those in active military duty
  • check
    Expats seeking the same level of professional service they are used to in their country of origin
  • check
    Those in the limelight such as celebrities and politicians who prefer privacy and discretion

…even rural folks find the professional support they need.

We Help "Super Commuter Marriages."

Super commuters are people whose jobs are far enough away from home that they must live apart from their families for days, weeks, or even months at a time.

It can also be used to define those who commute 90 miles or more on a daily basis.

New York University’s Rudin Center for Transportation Policy and Management reports that as many as 13 percent of workers in large US cities are currently 'super-commuting.' It’s not just a trend in the USA either; reports show the number of international super commuters is on the rise as well.

Couples living rurally

Couples who live on rural farmland can be quite remote. It may take you a while to leave your own land!

Especially for the "blended" couple, where one was raised in an agricultural area and another in a city, there are adjustments. One may want frequent "get-aways," while another prefers to stay close to home. Farmers, ranchers, and those living in extremely rural areas raising crops or livestock know the challenges of finding talented therapeutic help close to home.

How are we different?

A Leader in Online Couples Counseling Support

There are the two primary science-based methods proven to be helpful to troubled marriages. We have training in both models. There are seven certified Gottman Method Couples Therapists, four of whom train licensed professionals in this model. Others have either certification or advanced training in Emotionally-focused Couples Therapy. Trust our Team with over 500 years of combined experience focused exclusively on helping couples. 

Advanced Professionals.

Our 28 Couples Therapists, with over 600 years of combined expertise are leaders in the field of couples therapy. Five are former Program Directors of Graduate School, or have taught at a graduate level. Seven are certified in the Gottman Method. Four of these are among the 26 Master trainers in the famous Gottman Institute of couples therapy. Several more with advanced training in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy.  

We're not just 'online therapists.' We're online SPECIALISTS in helping couples in troubled relationships. A coordinated team who meet monthly to hone our skills and advance our effectiveness. Trainers of therapists and academic leaders known worldwide.

Our Associates have certificate training in at least two approaches to helping troubled couples.  We currently have 28 couples therapists, licensed across the USA, in Puerto Rico, in Ireland, South Africa, and in Australia. Two are post-graduate interns, offering services at a lower fee.

What Makes an “Expert” Marriage Counselor online?

The internet is a wild and wooly world. Online help can be conducted by anyone with an internet hook-up. Many provide a book, a few videos, and a phone call and that’s “Online Help for Couples.”

Other corporations have set up online “platforms” where over 1000+ therapists work in a chatroom anonymously and you pay a monthly fee for the privilege. There is no vetting. Anyone with a professional license to practice and some malpractice insurance can join.

A shocking 80% of therapists are convinced they already know how to do couples therapy. Yet only 12% of these therapists have ever completed a single course in couples therapy!

And a single survey course is hardly enough. Couples therapy online is very challenging and specialized work. And it’s easy to get wrong.
Why are we "experts" in marriage counseling online?

True Experts in helping struggling couples

But a true expert has worked with Masters in their field. They’ve received formal training in a particular approach that they’re proud to tell you about.

For us, that means a science-based approach to helping couples. All of our clinicians have at least one formal, evidence-based certificate in couples therapy. Our skilled couples therapists need two or more credentials to be called "Associates."

These intensive classes and exams to demonstrate our knowledge IN couples therapy have happened AFTER our formal training. It’s a specialty.

Then we combine experience actually conducting couples therapy. Our team of couples therapists have over 300 years of combined experience!

We have therapists who have practiced couples therapy for over 30 years, and some as little as 5 years, but all of them have been formally trained, and not in a single “survey course” in graduate school.

A Thorough Pre-treatment Assessment

We take the time to learn about you, using a unique tool called "The Gottman Relationship Checklist."  This clinical tool consists of 480 questions about friendship, intimacy, how well you know your partner, how you manage emotions and conflict, how you share your values and goals, and what gives meaning to your lives. There are additional questions about parenting, housework, finances, trust, and individual areas of concern.

The questionnaire is completely confidential, fully HIPAA compliant, and your therapist will be the only person to see your responses. The Gottman Relationship Checkup is a breakthrough in couple’s therapy as it allows for a confidential, efficient way for your clinician to complete the evaluation process. By using this new technology, your assessment can be done at any time and in the setting of your choice!

Researchers studying couples for over 40 years

You can feel confident in the results of this assessment. Drs. John and Julie Gottman created this research-based assessment in collaboration with The Gottman Institute to help couples build a personalized treatment plan with their therapist. Dr. John Gottman is a clinical psychologist who has completed more than 40 years of research on couple relationships, and is recognized as one of the top 10 most influential therapists of the last quarter century. Dr. Julie Gottman is a highly respected clinical psychologist who is sought internationally by the media and clinical organizations as an expert advisor on relationships. Together, they have dedicated their lives to helping couples, and The Gottman Relationship Checkup is the result of this life work.

Family-owned Business, Team Effort

We’re a family-owned business, and our President, Dr. Kathy McMahon goes through 1,000 resumes each year, looking for the best-trained couples therapists from around the world. She hand-picks and hires the best, and then we continue this professional support by attending monthly meetings, providing individual and group seminars, peer training and supervision, and case consultations.

We have a Master class of therapists in our organization who train other therapists in couples therapy approaches, and offer us guidance and direction.

You are assured of an exceptionally well-trained couples therapist.

Dr. McMahon, herself a clinical psychologist, sex therapist and certified in the Gottman Method and with training in 4 other approaches to couples therapy, stands behind this Team.

Benefits of Marriage Counseling Online 

1. It saves you time


The couples we see are busy professionals. They work long hours and juggle many responsibilities. They love their kids and want to spend (dinner) time with them. They work to stay healthy, exercise, and strive to get enough sleep. It's hard to squeeze in an extra few hours to fight rush-hour, leave the kids with sitters, or exit work early.

Traveling for work is draining. Maintaining a family, juggling two careers, getting the kids to their sporting events, even eating dinner together is a big challenge. These are issues that drive people apart in the first place. Two exhausted, overworked, busy people struggling to get into the same room at the same time, to sit down and do a counseling session to work on their marriage is tough. Every week. Week after week. And it's hard to make that happen consistently:

  • check
    “You are traveling this week!?  We have couples therapy!”
  • check
    “I can’t make it at 6, I have to pick up the kids from soccer!”
  • check
    “The babysitter is sick…”
  • check
    Come at 5pm? Are you kidding? It takes an hour just to park!”

With Marriage Counseling Online your schedule just got easier. You go home, eat dinner as a family, put the kids to bed, and sign on to work on your marriage. And because we have marriage counselors in different time zones, it's easy to find a convenient time to meet. Online marriage counseling can happen in your living room, in your office, or even in another state or country. Anywhere you can find an internet connection. Even on a smartphone!

Early morning, mid-afternoon or late night. We'll be there.

Marriage Counseling Online Wherever You Are

Traveling for work or pleasure is no longer a problem. If you have a smartphone, you have access to a session.

2. Online Couples Counseling means better emotional intimacy.

Relax. You are in your own private space. Put the kids to bed and curl up on the couch. Step out for lunch and sit in your car. Shut the door to your bedroom. Lock your office and hold the calls. Anyplace can be the right place to interact more naturally in your couples therapy. A more natural setting means more natural interactions. More natural interaction means more openness and vulnerability. Vulnerability means intimacy, the foundation of good couples therapy.

And that intimacy continues when we log off. You don’t have to speed off in two separate cars to pick up dinner and retrieve the kids. You can naturally continue the conversation about the meaningful topics we’ve discussed. Or just take a hot shower or take private time to journal your thoughts.


More comfort means better emotional relating, an easier time opening up and sharing, and a greater sense of team effort and purpose.

3. Marriage Counseling Online means more consistent, planned attendance.

We know it takes regular practice to get good at any new skill. The same is true for couples therapy. Even more so.

Not only do you have to recognize what a change in your negative cycle looks like, you have to know what your triggers are. It all can make perfect sense when you’re in an office in front of a professional. But when you go home, and your buttons get pushed, those skills can fly out the window. You tell yourself: “That might work for other couples, but our problems are too severe!”

Not so.

Athletes know that a great coach helps them perfect their work. Practice makes it perfect. A master couples therapist can also know both of you well, and know those triggers, to help you break those negative patterns.

We encourage couples to come weekly for 6-12 weeks before spreading out their online couples counseling. It keeps those new ideas you are learning fresh in your mind and breaks old, destructive patterns. Those first 6-12 sessions lay down the foundation for a new way of relating.

two children are shutting off their parent's online marriage counseling

You can stop the action quickly, and return just as easily, even if someone “accidentally” shuts off the computer…

Online means it doesn’t matter where in the world you are at the time of your appointment. If you have a smartphone and a door to close, you’re available.

Devote this time and break the negative cycle. Then spread out your sessions and take longer to practice between consultations.

4. Consistent, planned attendance in Online Counseling means better results

  • check
  • check
  • check
    Chronic Fighting

Bad marriage problems have a shelf life. Fix it soon with effective online couples counseling and you go on to enjoy many happy years together. Let it fester and distance and resentments build. Showing commitment to online couples counseling demonstrates the willingness to put your partner first. To take their complains seriously. Make it happen before the willingness to change has faded.

Re-establish emotional safety quickly and know how to respond effectively to the most challenging situations. Rebuilding trust and commitment can have enormous long-term benefits.

5. Working from home might be easier on your emotional life. 

Imagine several common scenarios in weekly face-to-face couples therapy:

You had a fight on Saturday night. You were scheduled to see the couples therapist on Monday.  On Sunday you don't "feel so good," so you cancel that appointment 24-hours in advance so as not to incur a cancellation fee. You have a sniffle. Or the kids have stayed home from school with a fever. There's a lot of good reasons not to go to couples therapy when you've just had a fight and are angry or resentful.

And so one week turns into two, and two into three. You start to wonder if you are really making strides, when you aren't really attending many sessions. And maybe your marriage is to blame.

We work with some of the most successful couples in the world.  Many don't want to be seen in a therapist's waiting room. Some are therapists themselves who don't want to go to known colleagues. Online work allows you to experience the best in couples therapy with a specialist from wherever you are. And in the privacy and comfort of your own home or office.

Online Couples Counseling sessions: How will it help us?

It all starts with an extensive assessment. This lays down a treatment blueprint. You’ll complete a questionnaire we call: “The BIG BIG Book of Intimate Relationships.”

Most couples need to learn concrete skills involving:

  • check
    Collaborative problem-solving
  • check
    Regulating themselves during emotional conversations
  • check
    Learning more about the beliefs and values that drive behaviors
  • check
    Establishing patterns of consistent emotional and intimate contact
  • check
    Reconnecting on a deeper level, beyond task-talk.
  • check
    Setting mutual long-term goals
  • check
    Recognizing and managing personal issues like depression, or past trauma.
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Marriage Counseling Online help for Intimacy & Sexual Problems

One of you may be having a very intimate, personal problem of a sexual nature. Perhaps you can’t imagine sitting in front of another person in a clinical office.

But you need to have it resolved.

You can sit together, in a private place of your choosing, and talk to one of our skilled experts in sex therapy, using your computer…through videoconferencing.

Intimacy problems require specialized training from clinical professionals with the highest ethical standards. Board-certified, peer supervised. Find them here.

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    Married Heterosexual Couples
  • check
    Single Couples
  • check
    Same-sex Couples
  • check
    Christian Couples
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    International Couples
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Online Couples Counseling: The Limitations

Skills Limitations

While online therapy itself is becoming increasingly common, it requires more than a fast internet connection and a willingness to join an online platform. Using a secure video-conferencing program is more than technology. It is knowing how to combine couples psychotherapy, in evidence-based lengths, with online therapy techniques, to get the best results.

A therapist should have formal training not only in their area of expertise (in this case couples therapy) but should also know the limitations of online work. That’s why we’ve studied online psychotherapy AND couples therapy extensively.

Many do not.

Licensing Laws

There are also licensing issues within the United States which are a puzzling and ever-changing array of confusing laws, allowances, or in some cases, no guidelines at all. This varies from state to state. Your license dominates over the name you give your services.

Couples Therapy Inc. has clinicians licensed in many states across the USA, nationally and Internationally.  We practice marriage counseling across 19 time zones.

Insurance Coverage

In addition, while most insurance companies will cover “telehealth” sessions, few insurance companies cover couples therapy. Those that do typically have a firm cap on the number of sessions they allow, before requiring that the professional label one or both parties with a mental illness.

If you are looking for evidence-based couples therapy, in all likelihood you will be paying out of pocket. We offer a six-month “same as cash” plan to assist in financing your treatment.

Illness Limitations to Online Marriage Counseling

If you have an undiagnosed mental illness, you will need help from a skilled individual therapist and/or psychiatrist. In addition, chronic physical violence between partners is inappropriate for couples therapy.

Clients who work best in an online format are able to manage their emotional reactivity, are not substance addicted, suicidal or homicidal, and are both interested in making a sincere effort to improve their relationship (or alternatively, seek out our Discernment Counseling format).

Online Couples Counseling: Myths

  1. 1
    “Couples counseling will take years.” False. Most couples going through online marriage counseling attend for only a short period of time, typically 8-12 weeks.
  2. 2
    “Marriage counseling simply won’t work.” False. Science-based couples therapy is 70-90% effective in research programs. It’s demonstrated to be effective.
  3. 3
    “The therapist will takes sides.” It happens. It’s called “bad therapy.” A skilled science-based couples therapist doesn’t tell either person what to think or how to live their lives. They are never the first person to bring up divorce. They work to improve the marriage because they understand the challenges and hopelessness that can come from a troubled marriage. And they know how to impact those patterns.
  4. 4
    “It will cause more trouble than it fixes.” Again, that’s been true of the untrained generalist, a group we call “All Purpose Therapists.” These generalists learn techniques that are effective with individuals and disastrous with couples. A skilled couples therapist establishes mutual goals and works with you to reach them.
  5. 5
    “I can’t afford therapy.” That may or may not be true. We are a premier service with exceptionally talented couples therapists. Our work financially compares with a competent divorce attorney’s retainer. However, attorneys work to DIVIDE you, while our efforts are to RE-CONNECT you.  Most people find divorce exceedingly expensive. Emotionally, economically, and parentally. If you are looking to pay very little for online couples therapy, we aren’t the professional company for you. There is a truism that you get what you pay for.
  6. 6
    “Is this ‘marriage coaching’?” 
    No. Coaches are unlicensed professionals with expertise to practice in very limited areas. The counseling sessions at Couples Therapy Inc. are conducted by licensed and trained counselors, all of whom not only have the required expertise and certifications to conduct general therapy sessions, but particular certificate training to work with couples in a science-based format.

It's not magic, and your commitment to the process is absolutely essential. However, if you are not 100% satisfied with the clinical expertise and effort brought to your relationship through our unique Online Couples Therapy, contact Dr. McMahon personally so that she can make it right.

Online. With a click of a button.

And with the same level of security credit card companies use.

Pay online too, with Paypal. 

Ask about 6 months same as cash.

Ask about our "Commitment to Change" Online Marriage Counseling Program

We provide real emotional incentives (financial incentives, too...) to show up for the first six weeks, when most of the work and healing takes place. It gives you the traction you need to start talking (and fighting...) more effectively, and feel better about your relationship in general.

Booking and attending six or twelve weeks in a row gives even the most troubled couple a real shot at having a happier, more satisfying intimate life.  Ask about our "Commitment to Change" plan when you contact us. It will save a lot more than money.  It might save your marriage.

Scheduling Online Marriage Counseling has never been easier.

How to begin Marriage Counseling Online:

Contact us and discuss your situation. We’ll help you to decide if this service delivery technology will help your relationship. It isn’t appropriate for every couple.

Schedule a No-Charge 15 minute Introductory phone Meeting.

two 20 year old adults with ear phones in bed doing marriage counseling online

Talk from home, when late-night appointments are your only option, given work limitations or time-zone differences.

Couples Therapy Inc accepts only a small number of International Couples at any one time, to give each our utmost time and attention.

Is this right for you? Ask for a Consult.

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