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Do it, without hesitation.

Our relationship was distant, and no longer felt like a partnership. I wanted to find our way back to each other, if possible.

The ability to have an intensive weekend was attractive, as I didn't think we could get to the core issues with a once-a-week format.

I was eager but anxious about the weekend format, as I knew it would be emotionally intense. Having said that, I knew the long sessions would be better because we could really get to the issues and not have to stop after 50 minutes.

Dr. Mike McNulty was able to really communicate an understanding of each person in the couple, and I felt great support during the sessions. He notices complex dynamics between people, especially nonverbal, and addresses them in a very helpful way.

He is kind, very sharp and creates a safe space for communication.

I was able to express myself to my spouse in ways that I hadn't been able to before and I'm glad about that.

The Big Big Book helped me better understand our relationship - even before the weekend started. I was able to express myself to my spouse better than I have in years. I felt supported by everyone I've encountered at CTI, from the initial phone call to the scheduler to the therapist.

What would you say to couples that are considering working with Couples Therapy Inc.?

Do it, without hesitation. Even though I don't know how things will end up relationship-wise, it was absolutely worth the financial, emotional and time commitment.

Evanston & Highland Park, Illinois Retreat - Dr. Mike McNulty

We had done couples therapy several times with varying degrees of success. 

We had done couples therapy several times with varying degrees of success. We have communication and trust issues, particularly my partner’s willingness to commit.

Dr. Maryanna Ham is affable, very skilled and knows how to push into the deep water. Now, there’s more honesty about where we are, more risk-taking to say what we feel/need/want.

Northampton, MA Couples Retreat - Dr. Ham

I went from hopeless, to hopeful.

I was at a point where I was debating on leaving the marriage, due to anger issues & no communication. Looking back, I'd say previous couples therapy was unsuccessful long term or short term. Possibly, just a temporary relief/fix.

I heard about CTI’s reputation from a magazine article sent out to help couples with marital stress. The cost was my only hesitation.

I am finally hopeful for a possible turn around from the fear I had.

Scott Wolfe was patient. He kept to the task at hand. He was focused, compassionate, hopeful and had faith in the method you use. It provided a way to look at the marriage & relate in a way no other therapist we have previously seen did. I am no longer afraid of my partner. I went from hopeless, to hopeful. I look forward to the continued growth we learned from the therapist.

What would you say to couples that are considering working with Couples Therapy Inc.?

I'd say that I know it is expensive, but if you are open to working on your marriage, then this seems like an effective tool.

Las Vegas, Nevada Couples Retreat - Dr. Scott Wolfe

Past attempts were not successful, I wasn't sure this would be different.

I'd describe our relationship as "stuck" in a cycle of criticism and judgment.

Past therapy was not useful at all. Past attempts were not successful, and I wasn't sure this would be different.

We chose Couples Therapy Inc for the scientific research behind the process.

Marisa Mundey had a very endearing personality. Non-judgmental. Made us feel like she understood us both, yet could challenge us where we needed to be confronted. It was like a pressure relief valve was opened and we were reminding of the good we shared. It was a reminder of the good that attracted us to each other in the beginning. It allowed us the space to get "un-stuck" from our cycle of conflict. The Big Book Assessment saved weeks of time for our therapist to get to know us and our issues in a much better way.

What would you say to couples that are considering working with Couples Therapy Inc.?

Do it.

Houston Texas Couples Retreat - Marisa Mundey

I realize perhaps for the first time in my life how much this relationship means to me.

Our marriage was rocky, near the breaking point. Intimacy and communication were huge stumbling blocks. It was a sexless marriage, little communication beyond careers, kids and puppies. The previous couples therapy was on a limited one hour per week basis, it did little if anything for us.

We chose CTI because of the one therapist on one couple design. Einstein's theory of insanity required we do something different. Also the qualifications and experience of the organization and staff along with Gottman techniques and MBTI. I had no reluctance. I knew it was our last shot.

Working with Kent was terrific; easygoing approach but always with a plan in mind. We learned a lot about each other in a very brief but highly efficient weekend. I am able to see fear and pain where once I saw only contempt and anger. I realize perhaps for the first time in my life how much this relationship means to me and how far I am willing to go to preserve it. It has given us real hope of saving the relationship and helped me tear down decades of emotional walls to express real vulnerability and desire. Worth every penny.

What would you say to couples that are considering working with Couples Therapy Inc.?

Nothing more than it could literally save your relationship.

Mt. Pleasant (Charleston), South Carolina Retreat - Kent MacEachern

It is the best $ we have invested for our family!!!

Before working with Couples Therapy Inc. we felt disconnect and trouble communicating our needs. Jack O’Leary made us think and helped us to go within and find the answers ourselves! He created a gentle safe space. He listened and was able to always be objective whilst remaining sensitive to us. I loved his empowering solution-based approach.

We were hesitant to start because of the big financial investment. However, now we both remembered how much we love each other and how amazing our marriage can be. I became a lot more aware of my need to communicate my own needs clearly to my husband. I felt I could ask myself "what is this anger/frustration telling me about my needs and how can I clearly and lovingly communicate that."

It is the best $ we have invested for our family!!! I felt reconnected to and loved by my husband again. I felt I could communicate my needs to him better. I felt hope, optimism and enthusiasm about remaining married to my husband.

New South Wales, Australia - Jack O'Leary

I was going to file for divorce.

Before Couples Therapy Inc. we went to some who were totally unqualified to handle our needs. I was going to file for divorce. Lack of communication and suspicion of infidelity were the core issues.

I liked everything about Lisa and I have nothing negative to say. She was so helpful in the way she kept us on track and figured out what we should be working on to get the maximum benefit in the time frame we had.

We're learning to communicate about things in our relationship that were potentially going to cause the marriage to end. Now we have tools and exercises that allow us to become much closer to each other and a direction for us to grow in for a happier and healthier relationship. It was emotionally, spiritually, and physically moving. I'm very happy I did it and will always be grateful for what it did for us.

I would recommend couples therapy even for healthy marriages.

Working with Lisa stopped a divorce, improved communication, and brought us together in a way we haven't had since we first became involved with each other romantically.

Northern California Couples Retreat - Lisa Lund

I thought our problems were too big to even begin to resolve in a weekend couple's therapy retreat.

How would you describe your relationship before you called Couples Therapy Inc.? Terminal.

What were the core issues you wanted to improve?


What changes resulted in your marriage/relationship from your work with Couples Therapy Inc.?

Improved tremendously.

Had you considered or tried couples therapy before? If so, how successful or unsuccessfully was it?

Yes, but not an intensive. Intensives should be the norm. Marni was excellent, she caught everything and didn’t let us not reveal issues between us. She was attentive and candid. She kept us to point. We now have improved communication, a greater understanding of my spouse issues and tools to make our relationship better.

We will definitely use Marni again. She is great!!!

Boca Raton, Florida - Dr. Marni Feuerman

It is the best investment we've made in our marriage.

We tried traditional counseling. My husband felt it was one-sided. I felt I wasn't ready to reconcile. It wasn’t successful at all.

We had turned a corner after a year's separation, and both of us wanted to try one more shot before a divorce. We chose Couples Therapy because of the science behind the method, and the intense weekend therapy.

James Ramsey was so good at explaining how women and men think and act differently. He didn’t judge one spouse over the other. He had our backgrounds and gave us insight into why our communication and actions were not working well together and caused our conflicts.

Now we are understanding each other better and have the ability to talk about things calmly, not judging or becoming defensive. We've learned to be empathic to each other's needs and to consider compromise. And what words and actions have triggered past behavior.

What would you say to couples that are considering working with Couples Therapy Inc.?

If you are committed, go. You will learn a lot. It is the best investment we've made in our marriage. This would be greatly helpful for couples who want to be emotionally close, better understand each other, and communicate better at any stage in their relationship.

Both parties need to be open and to hear the information. We needed to hear things from another source rather than each other.

Missoula Retreat - Jim Ramsey

It was like a giant reset button.

Our relationship was distant and painful. We needed help with communication, understanding attachment and conflict resolutions.

We really needed something drastic and out-of-the-box.

Diane Foy was very easy to talk to and gave great advice and guidance without being condescending.

We accomplished more in our marriage in three days than we would have in years of weekly counseling sessions. We have a better understanding of ourselves and each other. We have tools to use as we move forward. We feel hopeful that we'll be able to make this work!

We fight much less and feel a new sense of trust. It was like a giant reset button

What would you say to couples that are considering working with Couples Therapy Inc.?

Do it! It was worth every penny.

Minneapolis, Minnisota - Diane Foy

It takes a lot of work but it is worth it in spades.

Our marriage was in dire straights. We had trust and communications problems. We had tried couples therapy before, but very unsuccessfully. And I was concerned that my wife would not be an active participant...

However, vital issues were cleared up. We have better communication and more trust.

Dr. Gorman was our couples therapist. She asked pertinent and vital questions. Was able to direct the sessions in the right direction for constructive results. We got very positive results. Our intensive prevented a divorce, increased communication, and we're able to enjoy each other again.

I would recommend it. It takes a lot of work but it is worth it in spades.

Amherst MA Couples Retreat - Dr. Gorman

[I was worried] my husband would not participate at all.

We were in a tough spot, no communication, a lot of disagreeing, the children and our families were creating a wide rift in our marriage.

I did a lot of research and needed to find a therapist that my husband would trust and communicate with. He has not seen the benefits of therapy with others and was very much against it. I read a lot about Dan and how he worked with couples. I was worried my husband would shut down and not participate at all.

Daniel Dashnaw was honest, straightforward, allowed us to work things out on our own, but also provide other ways to think about how we were communicating.

We are now communicating in a way we never did. We both share our feelings, but more importantly, listen to the other person's feelings and acknowledge them. We have learned to compromise and let go. We share our ideas; we listen to each other; we both are taking responsibility in our marriage - it is no longer feeling one-sided for either of us.

What would you say to couples that are considering working with Couples Therapy Inc.?

Put in the effort, and it will be helpful and insightful.

Boston / Berkshire Couples Retreat - Daniel Dashnaw

We were on the wrong road and this weekend put us on the right road.

Before we contacted CTI we were; unhappy, teetering, with a poor ability to connect and manage conflict.

Havi Kligfeld was confident, she had a plan, and was evidence-based. We improved conflict management, improved kindness, and improved understanding.

We took an 180-degree turn. We developed a new shared story, techniques to manage conflict with extended "speaker-listener" techniques, and my husband learned to "see my pain" and to renew his supportive role in my life. A few happened in therapy, but the time we spent together AROUND the therapy was where we had the most amazing breakthroughs. So therapy was a catalyst for us to rediscover our ability to heal. We were on the wrong road and this weekend put us on the right road.

It was a miracle. Benefits are continuing. We were both highly motivated and had been together for our whole lives and agreed on many many things so that may have made it easier for us, but we were truly stuck. Thank you!

What would you say to couples that are considering working with Couples Therapy Inc.?

DO IT. Worth it. Intake is great to be very clear about what is going to happen, it reduces fear.

Los Angeles Couples Retreat - Havi Kligfeld

We feel confident in our new tools and skills that Dr. Doug has taught us.

Our relationship was troubled. We had begun couples therapy weekly regimens prior to attending Couples Therapy Inc. It didn't feel that we did much or progressed much in our weekly sessions. Also, the therapist seemed to have to be reminded of our problems because she didn’t seem to remember anything about us each week.

Dr. Doug Burford, was very kind and easy to talk with. He was great at promoting spiritual involvement without feeling preached to. And he listened to what we have done and adjusted anything he needed to meet our needs.

He was absolutely great. We feel confident in our new tools and skills that Dr. Doug has taught us. He finds ways of conveying information and skills in a way that sticks and always you to reinforce and build on them. We have improved our conflict communication and resolutions. We can express our feelings in a productive manner without using bad phrases or words. And we feel stronger that we can face future challenges together as a team.

We feel we are now capable of continuing healing and communicating without hurting each other. We have new tools and don’t fear a potential conflict.

We had an amazing experience with Couples Therapy Inc. The whole process has helped us so much. My husband and I feel like we have a renewed relationship or new in general. We know each other on a deeper level that we never knew existed and now we can pursue getting stronger.

Overland Park, Kansas Couples Retreat - Dr. Burford

We would bicker over the littlest things and often ignore the big issues completely...

Before we called Couples Therapy, our relationship had become strained. We would bicker over the littlest things and often ignore the big issues completely. Every conversation threatened to turn into a confrontation. We were hoping to improve our communication with each other and rekindle our marriage. Our biggest worry was that it wouldn't work, or worse yet it might send us even further down a dark spiral. After our three day intensive session with Dr. K., it was like we had a new marriage. A huge weight had been lifted off our shoulders. We were happy to spend time with one another again. And we couldn't keep our hands off of each other! We had tried couples therapy before, but without success. Kathy McMahon had a great way of talking to one of us in a w ay that we could both hear. Even though she was giving us some pretty harsh feedback at times, it always felt like she had our best interests at heart.

The worst thing, by far, was the drive to Cummington. (Dr. K is now in Boston!)

I would enthusiastically recommend Couples Therapy to anyone who is going through a rough patch in their relationship or is just looking for a tuneup. We felt close to each other again. Although we still have a long way to go, we learned to communicate better.

We both left recommitted to our relationship like never before. Thank you, Dr. K. We hope to check back in again with you soon.

Boston / Berkshire Retreat - Dr. K

Jennifer Elkins was very positive, supportive, and non-judgmental.

We had a solid, committed relationship with some difficulty communicating needs and wants.

We were hesitant, concerned that we would fail and lose all of that money we invested.

After working with CTI we would recommend Jennifer Elkins to others. We realized how flooding impacts our communication and how to break the negative feedback loop.

Austin, Texas Couples Retreat - Jennifer Elkins

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