Couples Therapy Retreats

Retreats offer a unique "science-based" opportunity to get away and really enhance your bond.

We offer two different options, Repair and Reconnect Couples Retreats (including "Last Shot" Couples Retreats) or a Sexuality Retreat. But you don't have to choose. Your 'State of the Union' assessment will direct your clinician to which will best suit your situation. Read more by clicking below.  Learn more about our science-based methods:  Gottman Method & Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy.  Both proven 70-92% effective.

"I was skeptical heading into the weekend. We were on the brink of divorce. My husband thought we couldn't possibly benefit from just three days.... "(more)"

Couples Intensive Retreats

Six months of skilled help in one weekend.  Complete a thorough assessment Instrument before you arrive. Work in beauty and in privacy. In two and a half days, take the time to explore your relationship dynamics in new ways. Heal affairs. Learn essential skills proven effective in research studies. For the cost of an average divorce attorney’s retainer, give your relationship the help it needs and stay together…happily.   Learn More...

Sex Therapy Intensive Retreats

Are you lonely, and wishing you could reconnect sexually like you once did?  Are even affectionate gestures feeling forced and unnatural?  Are you still best of friends but not really lovers anymore? Sexual discontent is a common problem in relationships. Many assume sexual passion fades with long-term committed relationships. What a hurtful lie. Sexuality Couples Retreats can help.  Learn More:

Beautiful Ballyfin Castle.  The "Dontown Abbey" of Ireland.
It's one of more than a dozen fabulous locations to hold your Couples Retreat.

Is a Couples Intensive Retreat right for you?