A “State of the Union” Relationship Assessment

Many couples want to learn as much as possible about their relationship, despite their anxiety.

Do you really want people trying to help your relationship, before they really get to know you?

We don't. 

That's why all of our work happens AFTER a "State of the Union" Assessment.

You'll objectively know how good or bad things are, before you commit to ongoing couples therapy.  Ours is the most comprehensive marital assessment available today.  We deal with all of the common (and not so common) problems couples face.

We call it The "State of the Union."

Here is what is included:

  • One 1.5 – 2 hour online interview with both of you. This includes both the Gottman Oral History Interview and a Pearson problem Interview.
  • A video analysis of your fighting dynamics.
  • The BIG BIG Book:  A detailed questionnaire completed online by each of you. It's scored and analyzed. It's an important part of your Assessment.  Learn More...
  • Two individual interviews with each of you.  What are your perspectives, hopes, and wishes? Speak frankly. Just how much does this relationship means to you?
  • One feedback session of one hour twenty minutes. We have the time to provide you with a detailed understanding of your areas of strength, your areas of relationship vulnerabilities, and your attachment styles.

It starts with a "State of the Union."

It's a part of every Couples Retreat.

Is it right for you?  Find out.