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5 Powerful Ways to Stop Feeling Lonely in a Relationship During COVID

The paradox of feeling lonely in a long-term relationship Our homes and our relationships certainly do not look like they did just a short time ago.  You are surrounded by stressors, both external and

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6 Crucial Things You Must Know About Dating While Separated

Why Dating While Separated is…Complicated Is Dating ok during a separation? As long as you are living apart, and abide by any legal agreements, dating while separated is legal. However, dating while

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Remarriage After Divorce…What’s the 1 Essential Thing to Focus On?

Building a successful remarriage after divorce is a common struggle for millions of Americans. What’s the 1 thing you must know?Why Remarriage After Divorce is So Challenging…As a Clinical

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Can My Marriage Beat the Odds?

Can my marriage beat the odds? For many spouses, that’s an anxiety-provoking question. And we often look to the media for answers. The popular press has an annoying habit of seizing on recent couples

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5 Ways You’ll Know You’re Ready to Start Couples Counseling

Are You Ready to Start Couples Counseling? Revised 12/28/19 Are you ready to start couples counseling? When intimate bonds fray, it’s typical for couples to tough it out without help for years. Only

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Life Coach or Life Companion?

Life Coaching Your Marriage… Is it a Virtue? More than a decade ago, my mentor told me: “Admiration is the most important element in love.” Years later, I learned about Dr. Gottman’s Fondness

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