Not a rehearsal...
"Today's Challenge:" is a stress-test for couples.

You're crafting the story of how your family survived...

You've got one shot to make it through this. We're not just talking about your physical health. But there's that, too. We're talking about crafting a story of how your family survived, with real heroes and one of the hardest struggles of your married life. This is not a time for lightweights. It's not a time for 'winging it.' It is a time to harden your resolve, strengthen your marriage and protect your family.

To do that, you need to know what to focus on first. We can help you do that in 1-2 hours.

The Coaches

Clinical Psychologist, Sex Therapist

President of Couples Therapy Inc. Gottman-Certified Couples Therapist.  30+ years of experience.

Licensed Independent Social Worker

Gottman-Certified Couples Therapist. Imago Certified Couples Therapist. Board-Certified Sex Therapist.

What our clients say...

Dr. K is so grounded and down to earth. Her wealth of information about relationships was astonishing. Powerful and eye-opening...

 Angela Voegele was amazing. Her level of experience and insight was incredible. She is also very perceptive and knew how to ask the right questions.

 I like that Angela was tough and no-nonsense. She wasn't shy to call out our bad behavior with each other and was patient with helping us learn how to "turn toward" Do it. It's worth the investment.

 I am a social worker/therapist. I liked Dr. K has a sense of humor, communicates directly, is respectful and compassionate. She's is the best most professional therapist I have ever encountered. 

Anything we threw at her (Dr. K) she had already dealt with and knew how to approach it.  Just do it. It’s so worth it. It’s like a breath of fresh air not having to walk on eggshells.

I have never seen a therapist (Angela) that was so skillful and strategic in dealing with difficult people.


Basic Challenge

Fast and affordable



  • 55-minutes with a skilled Gottman Therapist/Sex Therapist.
  • Written summary of presenting issues.
  • One couple, one professional.
  • Referral to appropriate coach or therapist within CTI.
  • Videotape of a conflict conversation for better diagnostics in later coaching sessions. 
  • Consultation conducted with the CTI coach of your choice.
  • Sexual Styles Compatibility Questionnaire

  • Videotaped review summary of your challenges presented your coach.
  • $150 credit toward a complete State of the Union Assessment.

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