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Infidelity: How You Can Heal and Move On

Daniel Dashnaw

A guide to help you both heal.

Recover from the pain of infidelity and become stronger than before. Learn how an affair can be more than a marriage killer. It could be a crisis that transforms your marriage into a deeper, more honest bond.

ADHD & Marriage; Surviving and Thriving

Jennifer Elkins

Marriage may come with expected challenges but for partners where one member has ADHD those challenges present their own unique set of approaches. Learn about how ADHD may show-up in your marriage and what strategies may work to overcome any of the associated challenges.

Spiritual Connection

Jenny Fang

Integrate simple spiritual practices into your daily life and experience greater positive feelings and a higher overall sense of satisfaction with life.

Military Families

Dr. Heide Rodríguez-Ubiñas

Delve into the grief factors, positive factors and
common dynamics families experience before, during and after deployment and learn how you and your family can thrive.

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