The Berkshires:

Nature's Vacation Wonderland.

You Won't Find a More
Beautiful Location
for Your Retreat...

 Come to these science-based couples therapy retreats with our exceptionally trained couples therapy psychologists.  Therapists limit the number of retreats they conduct each year.
 Act now to reserve your spot.

Couples Retreat The Berkshires

Come to an unforgettable weekend and heal together as a couple. This private marriage retreat at the foothills of the gorgeous Berkshires are an opportunity to resolve resentments, turn around an ailing marriage, or make a good marriage even better.  The Berkshires are in New England, a short hope from CT, NY or NJ.

A Couples Retreat for the Two of You with One Highly Trained Expert:

  • Fast:  One Weekend vs. 6 months of couples therapy. You'll have the time to resolve your toughest relationship issues.
  • Effective:  Real help based upon 40+ years of scientific research
    with 3,000+ couples.
  • Personal:  You won't learn cookie-cutter “communication” skills.
    We focus on YOUR specific particular relationship challenges.

Surrounded by nature...

Dr. Kathy McMahon is the President & Founder of Couples Therapy Inc.  She's a certified sex therapist, a Gottman Certified Therapist, and an advanced practitioner of the Developmental Model. 

Dr. Maryanna Ham was awarded the prestigious "Fellow" status by the American Psychological Association for lifetime contribution to the field. 

Dr. Patricia Gorman served as a Program Director for two Marriage and Family Therapy programs in Connecticut and Massachusetts. 

Daniel Dashnaw, MS, MA, MFT.  has trained in three different models of couples therapy including the Gottman Model, Emotionally Focused, and the Developmental Model.

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