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Check Your Email Inbox


Go to the inbox of the email address you just used to contact us. 

If you've asked for information, you should find material there in a day or two. 

Speak to your partner about your desire to go into couples counseling.

Be sure to speak about your hopes for positive change, and not just their many faults!

Speak about your fond memories and how you'd like the both of you to make new ones in the future.

It's a vulnerable conversation, but a necessary beginning. Good prep for the work that is to come.


Schedule Your Call


If you've asked us to call you ASAP, you don't have to wait. 

Use this SCHEDULER to find a convenient time to talk to CTI intake coordinator, Cindy Tervalon. 

None of those times works for you?

We're happy to call you at a more convenient time. We speak to couples from all over the world, so we keep strange hours!

 Just drop Cindy a line at: [email protected] and request a better appointment time to speak.

You'll get more out of the call if your partner joins you in asking questions and getting more information. There's a lot to learn about our services. Reserve about 20 minutes.


While You Wait Read 5 Things

1. Our Blog

It has been voted one of the Best Top 20 Marriage Blogs in the World

2. Read Profiles​ for our 24 remarkable Team members.

3. Our Clinical Services page is a great place to start to learn more about us. It has links to a more in-depth look at all of our services and fees. 

4. Click on the link below to read the:

 "Definitive Guide to Couples Retreats."

It outlines 14 questions you must ask to determine if this is the best retreat for the both of you. This guide can also be found in our free online course Upgrade Your Couples Therapy.

5. And our About Us page tells a little bit about who we are and where we are.


We Hate Spam

We send you a series of 8 emails, about 3-7 days apart, each encouraging you to reach out and talk to us.  All are written to help you get the strength to speak to us, and determine if we're your next best move.  We can't accept every couple, and will let you know if your relationship won't be helped by an Intensive Retreat or Online Couples Therapy.

We know how much courage it takes to ask for help. We also know how effective evidence-based couples therapy can really be. 70-90% for motivated couples.

But, if you ever want to stop receiving emails from us, just respond to any of the 8 emails with the word "REMOVE ME" in the subject line.

That will do it!

And thank you for your interest in healing and repairing the world by beginning at home by trying to repair your intimate life...

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