Conducting Marriage Retreats in Texas for Couples Therapy Inc.

How We're Different

With over 558 years of post-graduate experience (yes, we counted) and 24 clinicians, we're one of the largest and best-trained organizations devoted to science-based couples therapy. You complete our assessment instrument online to provides us with a unique insight into your relationship struggles. We only conduct private Couples Retreats (marriage retreats) and online work.

We have both secular and faith-based marriage counselors to choose from. All, however, are trained in a science-based approach to helping couples. We function as a collective Team, meeting monthly and sharing our latest thinking on how to help couples. We're also all across the USA, and in Ireland, Australia and South Africa. We also speak a dozen languages.

We invite you to try the best of what science can offer your intimate relationship.

  • 7 Certified Gottman Therapists on our Team. (That's 2% of all the Gottman Therapists on the PLANET!)
  • 4 Certified Gottman Therapists are Master Trainers for the Gottman Institute training other therapists
  • Nearly all of our couples therapists have advanced training in one or both science-based approaches to couples therapy.

Marisa Mundey, MFT

Marisa is a wonderful couples therapists and gets rave reviews from the couples that take her private couples retreats Texas. She's an advanced practitioner of the Gottman Method of Couples Therapy. She takes a particular interest in working with couples where one has past trauma, depression, or anxiety. She's able to say difficult things in a kind and gentle manner. Book her soon. She's a popular choice for those planning a Couples Retreat, Texas. 

Master in Marriage and Family Therapy

Couples Retreat Texas - Houston

Licensed Professional in Texas

Jennifer Elkins, MA

Jennifer brings a warmth and enthusiasm backed by 9 years of solid clinical experience. A native Texan, Jennifer offers her Couples Therapy Retreats to couples with all presenting problems including affairs, ADHD, fighting, and coldness. She holds two certificates in science-based couples therapy and is an advanced practitioner of the Gottman Method.

Master in Rehabilitation & Mental Health

Couples Retreat Texas - Austin

Licensed Professional Counselor in Texas

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