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Many of us supervise, teach, or write for professional journals, and books for the general public. One of us is a legend in the field winning numerous awards. Three of us have run graduate programs teaching others how to conduct couples therapy and FIVE carry the rare title of "Gottman Certified Couples Therapists," (two are even Master Trainers for the Gottman Institute!)​  Can't Decide?  Call us for a free consultation (or click on name or photo to learn more.)

President of Couples Therapy Inc.

Dr. Kathy McMahon, Couples Therapist

Kathy A. McMahon, Psy.D.

Certified Gottman Method Couples Therapist, Board-Certified Sex Therapist, Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy, Developmental Model of Couples Therapy, Discernment Counseling (more)

Licensed in Massachusetts

Master Therapists

"Master" is a therapist recognized for making outstanding lifetime achievements or contributions to the field of psychology.​ We are proud to have them on our Team. (Availability is limited)

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 Dr. Vagdevi Meunier

Master Trainer for the Gottman Institute Certified GottmanTherapist
Licensed in Texas

Maryanna Ham, Master Couples Therapist

Dr. Maryanna Ham

Fellow Status: American Psychological Association. 
Licensed in Massachusetts

Dr. Scott T. Wolfe

Master Trainer for the Gottman Institute Certified Gottman Therapist
Licensed in Nevada & MD

Rev. James Ramsey
Institute Certified Gottman Thera[ost
Thrive Ordained Minister
Licensed in Montana

Certified Couples Therapists - Advanced Practitioners

Nancy St John Couples Therapist

Nancy St. John, Hdip

Certified Developmental Model, Discernment, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, (more)

Licensed in Ireland

Angela Voegele, Couples Therapist

Angela Voegele, MSW

Certified Gottman & Sex Therapist (more)

Licensed in ​Maryland, DC, Hawaii & Florida

YY Wei, Couples Therapist


Masters-Level Associate

Licensed in Colorado

Associate Couples Therapists

Associates have formal training in at least two approaches to couples therapy. One must be evidence-based.
Heide Rodriguez Ubinas phd Couples Therapist

Dr. Heide Rodriguez-Ubinas

Doctoral Associate

Licensed in Puerto Rico

Daniel Dashnaw, Clinical Graduate Intern

Daniel Dashnaw, MS, MA, MFT

Post-Graduate MFT, Massachusetts

Masters-Level Associate

Jennifer Elkins, MA 

Licensed in ​Florida

Masters-Level Affilliate

Dr. Patricia Gorman, Couples therapist

Dr. Patricia Gorman

Doctoral Associate

Licensed in Massachusetts

Affiliate Couples Therapists

Affilitates have formal training in the evidence-based Gottman approach to couples therapy.

Marisa Mundey, MFT

Licensed in Texas (Houston)

Masters-Level Affilliate

Max Yusim, MSW

Licensed in California, Marin

Masters-Level Affillitate

Alisha Powell, Couples Therapist

Alisha Powell, MSW

Licensed in Georgia & Colorado

Masters-Level Affiliate

Jenny Fang, couples therapist

Jenny Fang, MA

Marriage & Famiy Therapist,
Los Angeles, Post Graduate,

Masters-Level Affilliate

Jack O'Leary, High DipL

New South Wales, Australia

Masters-Level Affilliate

Dr. Connie Veazey

​Licensed in Texas (Houston)

Doctoral Affilitate

Are you an experienced couples therapist with proven skills?

Certified in Gottman or EFT?​

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Can we help YOUR relationship?

Want to remember why you fell in love in the first place? 

Yep.  We can help with that.

If you love what you do, it shows.  And we do, so it does.

And you will, too.​

Maybe things are just "stale," but not actively loud and fighting.  We know how to turn scary conversations into productive dialogues about "difference." 

Our Support Team

Tauseef Mohammed, Operations Manager

Ted (Tauseef) Mohammed

Operations Manager​

Dawn Jamos, Accounts Manager

Dawn Jamos

Accounts Manager

Dr. K's dog Jack, a coton de tulear

Jack - "Patting Pal"

Dr. K's Co-pilot

Bring back the Passion

If you’re not having any fun - in the bedroom or in life, do something about it.  We're here to fight for you, in every way we can. 

Two of us are board-certified sex therapists. Several more have experience with many sexual minorities, including GBLTQ, poly and kink.  We find deep joy in helping ALL couples reconnect.

Older couple kissing tenderly

More passion?  We can help.

Let us put our expertise to work in helping your marriage.​

Gottman's Sound Relationship House Diagram

Science + Compassion

​We're proud of our evidence-based and clinically-based training.  Trust that you're seeing the very best experts for your troubled relationship.  You'll learn about the health of your relationship through the "State of the Union." It's presented from a scientific perspective.  The BIG BIG Book is filled with useful information you share with us, and then we score and share with you. 

All of our specialists have several levels of training by the world's most well-respected experts in science-based couples therapy, including the work of John Gottman and Susan Johnson's Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

You can choose with confidence.

We help couples navigate delicate matters such as differences in parenting philosophies, blended family struggles, and other topics maybe you've been fighting about, or have avoided for years.

We're not for all couples...

Will our approach work for you?