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Can My Marriage Beat the Odds?

Can my marriage beat the odds? For many spouses, that’s an anxiety-provoking question. And we often look to the media for answers. The popular press has an annoying habit of seizing on recent couples

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Infidelity Impacts Your Legacy and Echoes Through Time

Infidelity impacts your legacy and echoes through time. New research tells us that a tendency toward infidelity runs in families. When children of Infidelity are aware of parental infidelity, they are

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11 Effective Self Care Tips for Surviving Infidelity

Surviving infidelity is possible. I found these nuggets of wisdom from www.surviving adultery.com: Self Care Tips for Surviving Infidelity: 1. Whatever you focus your mind on becomes real, eventually taking

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Dealing With Infidelity…The Twin Tasks of Affair Recovery

Undertaking the Twin Tasks of Affair Recovery What to do when dealing with infidelity? When it comes to dealing with infidelity, I think Gottman said it best: “Atonement cannot occur if the cheater insists

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3 Strategies for Surviving Infidelity

Surviving Infidelity Once infidelity is out in the open, couples typically display one of three distinct strategies for surviving infidelity. One of the reasons that affair recovery is such a common presenting

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