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Mindful Practice in the Rain

Mindful Practice does not discriminate. It cools hot tempers and restores awareness. Rain does not discriminate either. It cools, refreshes and restores everyone. “RAIN” is also a well-known

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Borderlines in Couples Therapy

Borderlines in couples therapy can be very challenging. Many couples therapists dread working with clients suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder. Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is an unfortunately

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Reframing Your Marital Problem

I don’t care what kind of couples therapy you do, you will be eventually be invited by your therapist to start reframing your marital problem. Why is reframing your marital problem such a fundamental

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Mindfulness During Marital Conflict

The Next Time You Find Yourself Fighting With Your Partner, use Mindfulness in Marital Conflict: Accept What You are Feeling and Notice Where it Dwells Notice your breath. Sit with whatever it is. Sadness,

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