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Couples Counseling…5 Ways You’ll Know You’re Ready to Start

Are You Ready to Start Couples Counseling? Thinking about couples counseling? When intimate bonds fray, it’s typical for couples to tough it out without help for years. Only about 19% of distressed

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Repair Your Relationship in 6 Steps

How to Repair Your RelationshipRepair your relationship by re-building trust. Day by day, interaction by interaction.Gottman’s research tells us the quality and resilience of the Friendship System

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The Sound Relationship House Revisited

The Sound Relationship House One Story at a Time What is the Sound Relationship House? It seems that you can’t find a Gottman trained blogger or Gottman “informed” therapist website which

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Thought-Stopping for Hurt Partners

The Perils of Rumination In an earlier post, I have discussed the idea that obsession and rumination by a hurt partner are the first major stumbling blocks to affair recovery.  In order for Hurt Partners

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The Art of the Apology

What is the art of the apology? Does science offer any bedrock of data about what constitutes an effective apology between intimate partners? “Love Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry“ 

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Borderlines in Couples Therapy

Borderlines in couples therapy can be very challenging. Many couples therapists dread working with clients suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder. Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is an unfortunately

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Facebook Affairs

Facebook Affairs are becoming a very hot topic in social science research. A new study by researchers at Indiana University found that Facebook users who are in ostensibly “committed” relationships

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Why Do Women Cheat?

 Why Do Women Cheat? Why do women cheat? I know someone who has an answer. Helen Fisher is an evolutionary anthropologist at Rutgers University. While not a couples therapist, Helen is an intriguing

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