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3 Critical Stages of Affair Recovery

What is Affair Recovery? What is affair recovery? Is it possible to recover from infidelity? How do you begin to address such a profound breach of trust? Healing from infidelity is possible. But it requires

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How To Fall In Love With a Perfect Stranger in 45 Minutes

Love with a Perfect Stranger Is it possible to fall in love with a perfect stranger in 45 minutes? Apparently so. Husband and wife psychologists, Arthur and Elaine Aron, are experts who investigate close

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How To Spot a Cheater

Would You Like to Know How to Spot a Cheater? Factors that lead to infidelity have been uncovered by new research, which is the very first research on how psychological responses are related to infidelity

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How Should I Act Toward My Cheating Spouse?

How should I act toward my cheating spouse now that I’ve discovered their affair? I hear this question from hurt partners regularly. I am currently taking a new training with Michele Weiner Davis,

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Narcissism and Infidelity

Narcissism and infidelity are twins separated at birth. It was back in the 80’s when researchers were developing the notion of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Men always scored higher on narcissism…until

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Machiavelli, Mate Poaching and Permissive Environments

Mate Poachers abound. Infidelity research has expanded to the thankless task of deconstructing hussies and home wreckers. We now suspect that the many workplace mate poachers are high on the Dark Triad

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The Grief of the Involved Partner

Ending your Affair…the Grief of the Involved Partner The grief of the “unfaithful” Involved Partner is a very touchy subject in couples therapy. In my previous post, I discussed the problem

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Thought-Stopping for Hurt Partners

The Perils of Rumination In an earlier post, I have discussed the idea that obsession and rumination by a hurt partner are the first major stumbling blocks to affair recovery.  In order for Hurt Partners

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