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The Problem of Contempt in Relationships

Contempt in Relationships is the Worst of the Four Horsemen In previous posts, I have elaborated on four marital behaviors that John Gottman describes with the biblical metaphor, the Four Horsemen. They

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3 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Forgiveness After an Affair

Forgiveness After an Affair Some all-purpose therapists have pretty quaint notions about forgiveness after an affair. They think that if an affair is disclosed or discovered, the Involved Partner must

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Children of Infidelity

Children of Infidelity One of the greatest social fallacies of family life is what I call the Fallacy of Parental Omniscience. Parents often debate about what children should be told about sensitive issues,

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Are You Fighting in Front of the Kids?

Decades of Research About Fighting in Front of the Kids Kids may not seem to hear you when you tell them to eat their vegetables, but when you and your spouse are fighting in front of the kids, having

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