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10 Critical Signs That Couples Therapy is Long Overdue

Is Couples Therapy Long Overdue For Your Marriage? Revised on April 30, 2019. Maybe, for you, couples therapy is long overdue. Does making an appointment with a marriage counselor seem like a good idea

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What Does Successful Couples Therapy Look Like?

Successful Couples Therapy is Preventative Successful couples therapy is not about fixing problems, although that is how it is most commonly understood. Science-based couples therapy helps you and your

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Does Marriage Counseling Work? Separate Facts from Fiction.

Does marriage counseling work? Most people believe helping couples attain a healthy relationship means stay connected and improve communication. Or that it’s a simple matter of teaching good listening

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Couples Counseling…5 Ways You’ll Know You’re Ready to Start

Are You Ready to Start Couples Counseling? Thinking about couples counseling? When intimate bonds fray, it’s typical for couples to tough it out without help for years. Only about 19% of distressed

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Repair Your Relationship in 6 Steps

This article is part of our Why Couples Fight SeriesHow to Repair Your RelationshipRepair your relationship by re-building trust. Day by day, interaction by interaction. Devoting the time to

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Stay Stuck in Couples Therapy in 11 Easy Steps

Couples Therapy is for Chumps. Stay Stuck Instead. You want to stay stuck in couples therapy but you don’t know how? Let’s face it. Couples Therapy is just a giant irritation. Your partner,

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Dealing With Infidelity…The Twin Tasks of Affair Recovery

Undertaking the Twin Tasks of Affair Recovery What to do when dealing with infidelity? When it comes to dealing with infidelity, I think Gottman said it best: “Atonement cannot occur if the cheater insists

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Reframing Your Marital Problem

I don’t care what kind of couples therapy you do, you will be eventually be invited by your therapist to start reframing your marital problem. Why is reframing your marital problem such a fundamental

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