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Adult Children of Divorce

Adult Children of Divorce Adult Children of Divorce suffer too. There is a robust cultural belief that adult children, once successfully launched, are relatively unimpacted by their parent’s divorce.

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Reframing Your Marital Problem

I don’t care what kind of couples therapy you do, you will be eventually be invited by your therapist to start reframing your marital problem. Why is reframing your marital problem such a fundamental

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The Problem of Contempt in Relationships

Contempt in Relationships is the Worst of the Four Horsemen In previous posts, I have elaborated on four marital behaviors that John Gottman describes with the biblical metaphor, the Four Horsemen. They

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Should I Keep My Affair Secret?

Should I Keep My Affair Secret?…Maybe In therapy, Involved Partners  sometimes ask “Should I keep my affair secret?” It’s fashionable for untrained all-purpose couples therapists

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How Could He Do This To Me?

How Could He Do This To Me?…The Crisis of the Hurt Partner In the aftermath of the disclosure or discovery of an affair, most couples are overwhelmed by pain, rage, and guilt. As one of the intake

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Children of Infidelity

Children of Infidelity One of the greatest social fallacies of family life is what I call the Fallacy of Parental Omniscience. Parents often debate about what children should be told about sensitive issues,

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Split-Self Affairs

Split-Self Affairs… a Familiar Pattern in Popular Culture There have been many names given to Split-Self Affairs in research literature; Double-Life Affair, Divided-Self Affair, etc. This is an archetypal

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The Intimacy-Avoidance Couple Affair

Intimacy-Avoidance Couple Affair…Connecting through Conflict The Intimacy-Avoidant Couples Affair resembles the Conflict-Avoidant Couples affair in that the problem is inherently systemic. The overarching

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