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Gaslighting and Marital Conflict

What is Gaslighting? Gaslighting is a less subtle form of emotional abuse that seeks to control a partner through a pattern of over the top criticism and reality distortion. The term “Gaslighting”

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How Do You Handle an Angry Man?

Updated 8/12/2018 The Angry Man in the 1960’s…Catharsis or Crapola? What do we know about the fundamentally decent but angry man? It all started when it was Mod to be Mad. If I wanted to be

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Emotional Abuse and Marital Conflict

A Working Definition of Emotional Abuse Emotional abuse is not the same thing as Domestic Violence. I think of emotional abuse as a combination of two of the Four Horsemen (Contempt and Criticism) standing

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The Problem of Contempt in Relationships

This article is part of the Why Couples Fight Series What is Contempt? Contempt in Relationships is the Worst of the Four Horsemen Contempt, according to Dr. John Gottman, is the single most corrosive

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