Years of Post-Graduate Clinical Experience 

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    30-40 years of Clinical Training Postgraduate (9 clinicians)
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    20+ years of Clinical Training Postgraduate (3 clinicians)
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    8+ years of Clinical Training Postgraduate (6 clinicians)
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    under 5 years of Clinical Training Postgraduate (3 clinicians)

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Thirty to Forty Years of Post-Graduate Experience

Couples Retreat Location:
Missoula, MN.
Graduate Degree conferred in 1971

Rev. James Ramsey, MA, M. Div., MFT   

Clinical Professional Counselor, Marriage & Family Therapist, Licensed in Montana.
Certified Gottman Therapist (2007); Consultant & Workshop Leader, United States Air Force

Rev. Jim is thrice ordained who has been helping couples ever since he started his ministry 49-years ago. He has served in a variety of roles from San Diego, CA to Missoula, MN. Jim has presented Level I workshops for the Gottman Institute to professionals, a Presenter for the Art and Science of Love, and several other psychoeducational programs. He's a husband, father grandfather, and avid outdoorsman. 

"Anyone who really gets things done could be described as having a "magnificent obsession." Having devoted their lives to something that's truly meaningful, they don't allow themselves to be distracted by anything.  I devote my life to helping people to come alive spiritually and relationally."   More...

Schedule for Intensive Couples Retreats is limited.  Book early.

Couples Retreat Location:  
Northampton, MA.
Graduate Degree conferred in 1975

Dr. Maryanna Ham

Clinical Psychologist & Marriage & Family Therapist, Licensed in Massachusetts.
Narrative Therapy; Fellow Status: American Psychological Association for Lifetime Achievement

A native Californian, Dr. Ham served as Professor Emeritus and founder of the Marriage and Family Therapy Program at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. Her capacity to patiently and empathetically help couples face into the heart of the matter is well known. She's co-authored several books and countless articles. They are "required reading" for Marriage and Family Therapists throughout the world.   More...

Schedule for Intensive Couples Retreats is limited.  Book early.
Couples Retreat Location:
The Foothills of the Berkshires
Western MA
Miami Retreats in Jan-Mar 2018

Graduate Degree conferred in 1978

Dr. Kathy McMahon

President & CEO of Couples Therapy Inc.
Clinical Psychologist, Licensed in Arizona, California, Florida, Massachusetts.
Certified Gottman Therapist; AASECT Certified Sex Therapy Diplomate; Certified Sex Educator; Emotio​nally Focused Couples Therapy, Externship & Core Skills; Developmental Model; Discernment Counseling.

Dr. K has an active interaction style that is no-nonsense, but sweetened with humor and empathetic engagement. She cares deeply about her couples and works hard to help them, because she holds a deep belief in the value of intimate relationships.

A mother and grandmother, she lives with her husband, Daniel Dashnaw, and her "therapy dog in training" Jack, a Coton de Tulear, who joins her at every retreat.  More...

Her schedule for Intensive Couples Retreats fill quickly. Book early.
Couples Retreat Location:
Las Vegas, NV.
Graduate Degree conferred in 1979

Dr. Scott T. Wolfe

Clinical Psychologist, Licensed in Nevada, & Maryland.
Master Trainer** for the Gottman Institute; Certified Gottman Therapist; Externship, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy.

Dr. Wolfe brings maturity and confidence to his work with couples. He conducted research on couples several decades ago, before discovering the work of John Gottman. It was a fortuitous match. After decades of raising his family and practicing outside the US Capital (Washington, D.C.) in Maryland, he's now enjoying the comforting warmth of Las Vegas winters. He practices in Henderson, Nevada with his wife Peggy, also a psychotherapist. He also offers the Art & Science of Love workshops. More...

Schedule for Intensive Couples Retreats is limited.  Book early.
Couples Retreat Location:
Mount Pleasant (Charleston), South Carolina
Graduate Degree conferred in 1979

Kent MacEachern, MA

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, South Carolina

Gottman Levels I, II; Certified Instructor and Training Associate with Interpersonal Communication Programs, Inc. for the Couples Communication program; EMDR, Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

Kent has had nearly 40 years of clinical experience specializing in helping couples. For three decades he has practiced in an intensive couples retreats and psychoeducational format. He has offered help in premarital and marital therapy, discernment counseling, and hopeful spouse work, and has specialized in working with those with trauma, depression, substance abuse, and ADHD.  More Soon!

Couples Retreat Location:
Amherst, MA.
Graduate Degree conferred in 1981

Dr. Patricia Gorman

Clinical Psychologist, Marriage & Family Therapist, Licensed in Massachusetts.
Advanced Training in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (Externship & Core Skills); Gottman Levels I & II; Clinical Fellow & Supervisor,  AAMFT; Discernment Counseling (in progress).

Dr. Gorman is an exceptionally well-trained psychologist. She has also directed a Marriage and Family Therapy Program in both Massachusetts and Connecticut. A mother of two daughters, Dr. Gorman specializes in helping couples with extended family stressors, infertility & adoption. She also dances the Argentine Tango.  Quoting Sue Johnson: “Love has an immense ability to help heal the devastating wounds that life sometimes deals us.” 


Couples Retreat Location:
Blaine, Washington
(bordering Vancouver,
British Columbia)
Graduate Degree conferred in 1981

Jennifer Sue Taylor , MS, LMFT 

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Licensed in Washington State, Utah, Idaho & Colorado 
Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy Externship & Core Skills; Gottman Method Couples Therapy I & II. Specializes in treating Military Families; Trauma; Grief.

With over 20 years of experience (including 3 years in a PhD program at BYU) Jennifer has help couples create "safe havens" in marriage in affair recovery. She has worked with a wide variety of behavioral health concerns and online helping families of active duty service members and retirees deal with complex medical concerns. She's located 30 minutes from Vancouver International Airport on gorgeous Blaine located between beautiful Cascade Range and the magnificent Puget Sound.

Couples Retreat Location: 
Overland Park, Kansas
Graduate Degree conferred in 1981

Dr. John "Doug" Burford​

Licensed Professional Counselor, Kansas.

Gottman Levels I, II, III; Treating Affairs and Trauma® in Couples Therapy, Leader; The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work® (Gottman), Educator; Bringing Baby Home® (Gottman), Facilitator; SYMBIS (Save Your Marriage Before It Starts), Assessment Facilitator; Facilitator and Trainer - Prepare/Enrich® Assessment.

Dr. Burford specializes in relationship counseling, both in premarital and marital guidance. A graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary, he has been a Presbyterian minister and contributor to Chicken Soup for the Christian Family Soul.  Dr. Burford has been married 30 years and is a father and grandfather. More Soon!

Couples Retreat Location: Austin, TX.
Graduate Degree conferred in 1987

Dr. Vagdevi Meunier

Clinical Psychologist, Licensed in Texas.
Master Trainer** for the Gottman Institute; Certified Gottman Therapist; Sexuality trainer; Externship & Core Skills- Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy; Developmental Model (Level 1).

With incredible warmth and charm, Dr. Meunier skillfully brings magic to the couples therapy arena. Described as a "remarkable intellect," her ability to capture multidimensional aspects of complex cases is well-honed.  She is a wife and mother of two, and lives in Austin with her husband.

She runs a training institute for couples therapists and The Art & Science of Love workshops in Austin, Texas.  More...

Schedule for Intensive Couples Retreats is limited.  Book early.

Twenty or More Years of Post-Graduate Experience

Couples Retreat Location: 
Bay Area, CA
Graduate Degree conferred in 1990

Ronald (Max) Yusim, LCSW  (on leave)

Clinical Social Worker, Licensed in California.
Gottman Levels I, II; Sex, Alcohol & Drug Addiction Specialist, Discernment Counseling (in progress).

Max has over 30 years of expertise as a therapist. He trained at the prestigious Ackerman Institute for the Family in New York, and has particular expertise working with couples impacted by sex addiction, drug or alcohol problems, and adult children of alcoholics.  He understands how to deepen emotional connections once a person is clean and sober. Originally a New Yorker, he's an avid tennis player, and father of a college-aged daughter.  More...

Couples Retreat Location:
Boca Raton, FL

Graduate Degree conferred in 1996

Dr. Marni Feuerman, MSW, MFT, Psy.D.

Marriage and Family Therapist, Clinical Social Worker, Licensed in Florida.
Certified Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapist, EFT Supervisor Candidate, Gottman Level I & II (in progress); Certified Discernment Counseling; Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy; 

Dr. Marni is a force, driven to excellence and as a result she's complete many graduate degrees over her career. Her passion is helping marriages succeed. Dr. Feuerman is not only a certified EFT Couples Therapist (one of the two evidence-based treatment models out there...) but also a Discernment Counselor. A prolific writer, she's been a blogger for the Gottman Institute among many others. She's married with twin girls and two cute rescue pups. She runs the Hold Me Tight Workshops.


Couples Retreat Location: 
Puerto Rico
Languages: Spanish & English
Graduate Degree conferred in 1997

Dr. Heide R. Ubinas

Clinical Psychologist, Licensed in Puerto Rico, & Licensed Provisional Psychologist in Florida.


One of our earliest team members, Dr. Ubinas is a true couples therapist, having worked with U.S. military families and couples in both Puerto Rico and Stateside, completed graduate school in Chicago, IL.She's also volunteered at a community program, helping new parents adjust to their new parental roles.  She lives in Puerto Rico with her husband and baby daughter.  More...

Eight or More Years of Post-Graduate Experience

Couples Retreat is held in
Los Angeles, CA
Languages: English, Mandarin,
proficient in Japanese,
conversational in Taiwanese).
Graduate Degree conferred in 2007

Jenny Fang, M.S.

Gottman Levels I & II; The Developmental Model Training; Prepare-Enrich Inventory Counselor Certification;  FT-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Certified Therapist; EMDR Basic Training.

Jenny loves to work with couples. She has extensively trained with Dr. K.  She's spent a decade helping troubled couples and all coursework toward a Ph.D. in Marriage & Family Therapy. She's been a chaplain resident, graduate teaching instructor, and MFT delegate to China. Her ebook:  "Incorporating Spirituality Approaches into Healing in Psychotherapy is due out soon. Born in Taiwan, China, Jenny grew up in Vancouver, Canada, and later moved to Los Angeles, California, where she lives today. More...

Couples Retreat Location:
Houston, TX

Graduate Degree conferred in 2008

Marisa Mundey, LMFT

Marriage and Family Therapist, Licensed in Texas.
Gottman Levels I & II. Specializes in treating anxiety & depression in couples.

Marisa has a truly irresistible personality. She has found her calling in helping relationships impacted by anxiety and depression. She's trained with the famous Harlene Anderson of the Narrative Therapy tradition. She grows fruits and herbs on her property with her husband and children and exercises religiously.


Couples Retreat Location:
Austin, TX
Languages: English & Spanish
Graduate Degree conferred in 2009

Jennifer Elkins, MA

Mental Health Counselor, Licensed in Florida & Texas as a Licensed Professional Counselor
Gottman I & II.  Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy Externship; Specializes in treating Attention Deficit Disorder in relationships.

Jennifer enjoys her life as only a native Texan can: with hearty gusto. It propels her high achievement, in academics, athletics, art and music. She is passionate about helping couples and achieves remarkable results. We eagerly await her soon to be released ebook on ADHD in Marriage.

Couples Retreat Location:
Tweed Shire, NSW, Australia
Higher Diploma Degree conferred in 2009

Jack O'Leary, MA, HDip

Higher Diploma in Counselling, MA in Music Therapy (Honours), Australia.
Gottman Levels I & II. Specializes in treating men's issues.

Jack wears many hats including Coordinator of Family and Relationships Services at The Family Centre in New South Wales, AU and Managing Director of a Music Therapy program. He is a man dedicated to helping couples succeed at the difficult job of loving well. His many volunteer activities include activities with the Red Cross Youth Services; an AIDS Hospice Volunteer Worker, and internationally participated in mission work with children in Colombia and Kenya as a support worker in an orphanage.  A husband & father of three small children, Jack plays Celtic music internationally, and plays both Gaelic football and hurling. More...

Couples Retreat Location:
outside Dublin, Ireland.
Higher Diploma Degree conferred in 2010

Nancy St. John, HDip

Higher Diploma in Counselling (Hon)., Licensed in Ireland.
Mentorship and Certified Developmental Model; Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (Advanced Training); Certified Imago Therapist; Certified Discernment Counseling Specialist.

Nancy is a lifelong learner in couples therapy as her multiple certifications and achievements indicate.  While an incredibly humble, generous and kind human being, she's a powerhouse in the therapy room. Born in Chicago, Nancy grew up in Ireland, where she practices today. She's also a wife and busy grandmother and trains therapists in the Developmental Model of Couples Therapy in Europe.  More...

Couples Retreat
Location: Germantown, MD
Languages: German, English,
conversational French
Graduate Degree conferred in 2010
Licensed Clinical Social Worker -MD,  DC, VA & Hawaii.
Certified Gottman Therapist; AASECT Board-certified Sex Therapist; Certified Discernment Counseling Specialist; Divorce Mediation.

Angela is brings a “Joie de vivre” to her couples therapy practice. She has lived and worked in Germany, France, Samoa, and mainland China, as well as at the Swiss Embassy in Washington, DC.  She runs the Art & Science of Love workshops. A mother of three, Angela lives in Germantown, Maryland with her long-term partner, Bob.  She also runs the Art & Science of Love Workshops More...

Angela is a therapist in high demand, given her warm and engaging style. Book early.

Five Years or Less of Post-Graduate Experience

Couples Retreat Location:
Atlanta, GA
Graduate Degree conferred in 2012

Alisha Powell, LCSW

Clinical Social Worker, Licensed in Georgia, Massachusetts, & Colorado.
Gottman Levels I & II; Doctoral Degree in Social Psychology Pending (ABD)

Alisha managed 12 hospital crisis centers with one computer and an online hook-up. They replaced her with two people when she left. She's trained in motivational interviewing, sex therapy, multi-problem families, and substance abuse. She has a postgraduate certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy, and is currently completing a Ph.D. in Social Psychology.

Her constant companion is Sam, a Jack Russell Terrier, who has been with her for the past decade.  More...

Couples Retreat Location:
foothills of the Berkshires,
Western MA

Graduate Degree conferred in 2016

Daniel Dashnaw, MS, MA, MFT

Marriage and Family Therapist, Pre-Licensed.
Gottman  Levels I, II & III; Emotionally-Focused Therapy Externship & Core Skills; Discernment Counseling; 12 months of supervised Developmental Model Training.

Daniel came to couples therapy after an academic focus on Labor Studies, and a passion for starting and running his own business. He has a soft spot in his heart for entrepreneurs, being one, himself. He specializes in working with couples suffering the impacts of the "pervasive traumas."  Daniel is a self-confessed bibliophile, and Editor of our Blog. He also is one of two Intake Coordinators (telephone). His ebook: "Infidelity: How You Can Heal & Move On" is coming out shortly. He's married to Dr. K., President of Couples Therapy Inc.  More...

Couples Retreat is held in
Hermanus, Western Cape
South Africa
Languages: English, Afrikaans
Post-BA Degree conferred in 2007

Tehilla ("Te-HEEL-a") Luttig

Registered Counselor with the HPCSA Reg No PRC 0016837.  Pr No 058396  (BA and post BA graduate Honors degree in Social Science- psychology), South Africa.
Gottman Levels I & II.

Tehilla is passionate about helping couples "get their groove back." Originally focusing solely on children, she recognized that a healthy family begins with a healthy, functioning couple. Tehilla was a founding Executive Committee Member of the Association of Registered Counsellors of
South Africa. In addition to Gottman's work, she incorporates EFT, Attachment Theory, Narrative Psychology and Brain-Working Recursive Therapy. The latter she's found helpful with non-medical related infertility problems. When not helping couples Tehilla spends time with her husband and two children, and helps her parents with their safari tours. She comes from two generations of Missionaries and conducts community projects helping schools, children, and holding community workshops. More...

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