Get Ready to Experience a Deeper Emotional & Spiritual Connection.

Reconnect with a deeper personal meaning.

A guide outlines practices to help you powerfully reconnect.

Integrate simple spiritual practices into your daily life and experience greater positive feelings and a higher overall sense of satisfaction with life.

This ebook describes how.


About the Author

Jenny Fang, MS, MFT is a marriage and family therapist specializing in the couples who want to reconnect with their spirituality, and introduce rituals to create greater life meaning.  She conducts her couples therapy online and in an intensive retreat format in Los Angeles, CA.

She has training in The Gottman Method, Emotionally-focused Couples Therapy, The Developmental Model of Couples Therapy, Cognitive-behavioral therapy, EMDR, Prepare-Enrich, guided visualizations, and SoZo.

She is one of our earliest clinicians ​who trained at Couples Therapy Inc.

Jenny Fang, M.S.

Self-Study Content

In this ebook you will learn
  •   INTROduction  

  • section One

  • Section Two

  • SECTION three

  • SECTION four

Section Four: Meditation for loving kindness

marriage and health

I end with one of my favorite meditations for loving kindness.  

There are various steps along the way where I help you to keep on track as we go.

I hope you find great peace and harmony using it.