Use this Sexual Genogram Now and Advance Your Skills!

Talking about sex is the most important thing a couple can do to improve their sexual relating...

Many clients and psychotherapists want to ask sex-related questions, but aren't sure what to ask.  This six-page questionnaire allows you to ask powerful question to help your clients succeed.


  • Early Sex History
  • Informal and formal sex education
  • Sexual Satisfaction and current partner experience

To Get this FREE Sexual Genogram:

Dr. K is the President of Couples Therapy Inc. She is a board-certified sex therapist and one of only 300 Gottman-certified couples therapists.

Dr. McMahon (Dr. K) has been a sex therapist and educator for over a quarter of a century.  She teaches Human Sexuality & Sex Therapy in the Doctoral Clinical Psychology Program at Antioch New England Graduate School as well as Cambridge College.  She's a Clinical Fellow at the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy and a Board-certified Sex educator and Sex Therapist.

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