Ready for More Training in Sexuality?

“Psychotherapy focused on sexuality can have a transformative impact on the lives of our clients. Become the professional able to skillfully make that happen.”

Combining online- and in-person training, Dr. McMahon has put together a fantastic team of sexuality local and world-renown experts to work with you on developing your talents in working with individuals and couples on sexuality issues. In addition to her own 30 years as a sex educator and sex therapist, learn from senior clinicians who are specializes in the areas they teach in this course.

Psychotherapy focused on sexuality can have a transformational impact on the lives of your clients.

Become the professional able to skillfully make that happen.

Case Presentations and Consultations:

You’ll have plenty of time to bring in your toughest cases and have them “workshop-ed” with the pros.

 Topics We’ll Cover in this Online and In-Person Training:

  • Newlywed Problems.
  • Desire problems in couples.
  • Sex Therapy when trauma is present.
  • Appropriate use of sexual language.

Developmental Issues

  • Understanding male childhood sexual and developmental trauma treatment.
  • Taking a sex history.
  • The impact of porn on child development.
  • Normal childhood development and curiosity about sex.
  • Talking to children about sex.Helping parents talk to children about sex.


Special Populations, Treatment Issues, Sexual Compulsivity: “Sex Addictions.”

  • The physiology of sexual response.
  • Identifying and working with ‘sexual styles.
  • Sexual compulsivity.
  • Paraphilias, their categorizations, and their treatment.
  • Aspergers’, and ADHD issues in Sexuality.
  • Orgasm, erectile, desire disorders and other common sexual issues.


 Contemporary Issues

        • An overview of modern sex toys and how to prescribe them.
        • Cross-cultural issues in sex.
        • Beyond Lesbian “Dead Bed.”
        • Treating affairs in same-sex relationship.
        • “Beyond the Body:” Anatomy-independent sex.
        • Passionate sex at any age.

Methods and Techniques

We will use a variety of teaching techniques to make your learning interesting and fun! Some of these will include case examples, film clips from popular movies, slide presentations, case presentations, and active role-playing as well as traditional lectures.

It’s all part of this exciting training.

Theorists covered will include:

  • The Crucible Model developed by David Schnarch, Ph.D.
  • Esther Perel
  • Helen Singer Kaplan, M.D.
  • Barry McCarthy, Ph.D.
  • The Developmental Model of couples based upon the work of Ellyn Bader, Ph.D. and Pete Pearson, Ph.D.

…and many, more.

Here is your chance to perfect your skills and get immediate help from senior and experienced clinicians and sex educators.

CEU’s will be applied for.

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