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Effective Worldwide
Online  Counseling for Couples

A Smart New Science-Based Approach Including a Thorough Assessment.

Improve your intimate life without the after-work-hassles of driving there.  Don't blindly start marriage counseling without knowing what will be worked on and why. Click the button below to set up your free phone consultation with a trained professional and learn more about online counseling for your relationship.

  • Effective:  70-90% of Couples Suffering 6+ years Improve.*
  • Doctoral and Masters Specialists Who Only See Couples

Live Abroad?

We help Internationally-based
CEO's, Teachers & Diplomats.

Travel a lot?  Online Counseling for Couples can take place from your hotel.

An easy-to-access ways to heal your relationship in Online Counseling from your own home or office.

* Some situations and conditions are not appropriate for online couples counseling. Ongoing violence, untreated mental illness, and chronic drug or alcohol abuse are examples.

Our All-Star Team of Couples Therapists

All are health professionals & couples therapists by training.

We're Specialists in Helping Couples.

Being "licensed" / "accredited" is not enough when helping troubled marriages.  You need experts with certificates in evidence-based couples therapy.  Our Associates work in two or more models. Others have as many as six different methods of helping transform relationships into happier marriages.

We're Hand-picked Experts.

Many of us supervise, teach, or write for professional journals, and books for the general public.  One of us is a legend in the field, winning numerous awards.  Three of us have run graduate programs teaching others how to conduct couples therapy.  Two carry the rare title of "Gottman Certified Couples Therapist."

We're Thorough.

Do you really want someone trying to change you, before they really get to know you?  We don't.

So we conduct the most comprehensive marital assessment available today.​ We call it the State of the Union.

Intensive Couples Retreats are also available!

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Dr. Kathy McMahon, Psychologist & partner & husband Daniel Dashnaw, MA, MFT

We're a Family-Run Business.

Being global doesn't mean "impersonal." We're driven to be your go-to team when weekly in-person marriage counseling sessions are too difficult and online counseling is the answer.  We're working harder to heal your intimate life faster and more effectively than ever before.
And our International Team speaks 12 languages, so you are sure to find someone to understand.  Learn More.

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