Couples Therapists in Massachusetts Conducting Intensive Couples Retreats in Massachusetts.

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Dr. Kathy McMahon
Boston (year-round) Cummington, MA (limited), (Winter TBA)

Mr. Daniel Dashnaw, MS, MA, MFT
Boston (year-round) Cummington, MA(Spr-Fall), (Winter TBA - Joint Intensives Only)

Dr. Maryanna Ham
Northampton, MA

Dr. Patricia Gorman
Amherst & Boston MA

Catherine Pfunter
Acton, MA (year-round) 

Dr. Sejal Patel
Cambridge, MA (year-round) 

Husband and Wife Joint Retreats Also Available

Daniel Dashnaw and Kathy McMahon hold their joint retreat in Boston year round, in Midtown Miami Dec-May 1st and May-Nov in the foothills of the Berkshires:  Cummington, MA
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