Marriage Retreat Texas – Private One-to-One Weekend Help

When choosing a therapist to work with in a Marriage Retreat Texas setting, consider the benefits of a licensed, science-trained and ethical professional. They've had advanced training in methods designed to make your relationship work for you.

We focus on what happens IN the office at our Marriage Retreat, Texas not outside...

  • We offer Privacy.  One to one with a highly trained expert. Most of our couples come to see us in high distress.
  • Demonstrated to be 70-90% effective in clinical trials.
  • No Guesswork. Interventions are scientifically demonstrated to be effective in helping couples. Time after time after time.

Why would your marriage deserve anything less?

Marriage Retreat Texas - Houston Location Therapist Marisa Mundey, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

There are two popular science-based methods for helping couples:

All of our clinicians have been trained by the Gottman Institute and many by experts in Emotionally Focused Couples Th​erapy. We practice in these scientific methods of treating troubled relationships.

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    Gottman Method Couples Therapy, and
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    Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy.

Why choose a science-trained couples therapist for these Couples Retreats Texas?

The reason is simple:  There is an extensive body of science-based knowledge, formulated to help troubled relationships. There is no debate. Working with a counselor with advanced training in these models provides your marriage the strongest chance to improve and grow happily together again.

Two Choices for a Couples Retreat in Texas - The Option of "Marriage Workshops" Texas

Marriage Workshops Texas 

Marriage Retreat Texas offering science plus values to keep your marriage strong

Romantic getaway are great when you are getting along wonderfully and you'd like an escape. There's a great style of retreat Texas has to offer. They are called "Marriage Workshops." Here you'll plan to spend a weekend in a group setting to improve your intimate bond. 

Many of our Couples Therapy Inc. therapists hold these in their private clinical practices. They include Angela Voegele, Dr. Scott Wolfe, Dr. Marni Feuerman, and Dr. Mike McNulty, who hold these psycho-educational retreats all across the USA. Find one of the many retreats Texas has to offer. Don and Carey Cole (not affiliated with Couples Therapy Inc.) offer their "Art and Science of Love" workshops on a regular basis in Houston. 

You can learn more about this fun and educational workshop "The Art and Science of Love"  here.

Another great option is Hold Me Tight workshops. Joe X. Cantu, MA MFT (not affiliated with Couples Therapy Inc.) offers this Texas couples retreat for under $500. It can provide you with great tools to connect emotionally in a group setting. 

You'll find fabulous, fun retreats offered in the Texas hill country and all over Texas. If things are going great, try one!

"Private Therapeutic Retreats:" Marriage Counseling Retreats in Texas

Private. Scientific. Effective. No Guesswork. Choose the RIGHT Retreat Texas!

1. Choose a licensed professional

Many of the psycho-educational retreats Texas has to offer aren't held by licensed psychologists, social workers, mental health counselors or marriage and family therapists. And that can be perfectly fine if massage, margaritas and a night of dancing in the moonlight is what you have in mind.

But when trouble arises in your intimate relationship, you need just one licensed mental health, professional invested in improving your marriage by offering you the best help more than 40 years of research can provide. 

Call us "old fashioned" but we take objection to hosts who sponsor fun retreats or educationally oriented retreats, extending their offerings and targeting troubled couples in need of real skilled, professional help. There's no law against it. But when it comes to resolving deeper emotional issues don't leave it in the hands of the unlicensed.

Choose someone with not only an advanced degree in mental health, but someone who also has specialized training in couples therapy, sex therapy, marriage counseling, discernment counseling, or other specialized training targeting these issues.

The sad truth is that nothing prevents these smart marketers from running actual psychotherapeutic programs under the title "Couples Retreat Texas." There is no law against it as the word "Retreat" in not a protected term like "counseling" is in Texas.

2. Quick, Targeted, Professional Help. Collective wisdom of over 558 years.

In contrast, we only hire licensed mental health counselors that are dedicated to the work of helping troubled couples. We have over 558 years of collective wisdom in helping the most challenging issues that marriages present. These aren't gimmicks we use, but proven science-based tools perfected to help couples needing help.

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    Highly-detailed assessment. We call it The BIG BIG Book. We get to know you thoroughly before you arrive.
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    We work with marriages in severe distress...even "Last Shot" couples who are divorcing or have moved out.
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    Team Support. We only work with couples and have the most advanced practitioners of couples therapy on the planet. Our team learns from each other. Twenty-two Masters and Doctoral-Level clinicians.  Seven Gottman Certified Therapists. Four Gottman Master Trainers. In-house support, teamwork, and advice.

3. The Most Extensive Couples Assessment Available Today for our Marriage Retreat Texas location. We call it "The BIG BIG Book of Intimate Relationships."

We begin with an extensive individual and relationship assessment: The most complete assessment you'll find available today.

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    You finish it online in the privacy of your home or office.
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    Your Couples Therapist then studies, scores, and analyzes your every word side-by-side.
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    You are preparing to see us and we then prepare to see you!

This makes your Couples Retreat Texas an even more powerful experience. In completing the BIG BIG Book, you're a key factor in enhancing your therapist's effectiveness.

Does your relationship suffer from any of these common struggles?

Is this contrary to Faith-Based Teachings?  

Learn how religious leaders reconcile science-based couples therapy with religiously-based marriage counseling.  Learn More

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    Coldness & Distance
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    Sexual problems
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    Chronic or poor fighting
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    Selfish behavior resulting in hurt feelings
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    Problematic communication
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    Extramarital affairs
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    One of you is considering divorce
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    Struggles over money, work or parenting
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    Betrayals and broken promises...

Words of Praise from our Clients:

My husband thought we couldn't possibly benefit from just three days... We were on the brink of divorce... (more)
As a last ditch effort, we let go of our previous marriage therapist... (more)
I was skeptical heading into the weekend.. (more)

These marriage retreats Texas are held in Houston & Austin. They're designed to quickly target painful issues and help you to deepen your marriage bonds and dramatically improve your communication.

Get away. Take the time. Invest in your family with the best-trained clinician you can find.

Meet Our Therapists:

Our couples therapists have training in sex therapy and treating sexual problems, affair recovery, divorce counseling, discernment counseling, and trauma specialization.

Clinical Associate - Marriage Retreat Texas, Couples Retreat Texas, Houston

Advanced Training in the Gottman Method

Marisa is a licensed marriage and family therapist practicing in the Energy Corridor of West Houston, between Beltway 8 and Grand Parkway. Marisa has an irresistible personality and has found her calling working with all relationships but specializing in those that are impacted by anxiety and depression.

Having worked for the famous Harlene Anderson of the Narrative Therapy tradition in Houston, Texas, she brings an ability to say things that "aren't fun" to people in a gentle way.


Clinical Associate - Marriage Retreat Texas, Couples Retreat Texas, Austin

Advanced Training in the Gottman Method; Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy Externship 

Jennifer is a licensed mental health counselor and a native Texan, completing an undergraduate degree from Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Tx, before spending several years in Sarasota, Florida.

Her Texas charm and enthusiasm for working with intimate relationships has led her to obtain training in both models of science-based couples therapy.


Easy access to 2 major international airports in Houston and Austin.

Marriage Retreats Texas

Two of 24 qualified Master & Doctoral couples therapists in our Clinical Team across the USA, in Europe, Australia, and South Africa. A collective wisdom of over 558 years. A group practice devoted to continual training in couples therapy.

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