Do You Want Just 'Marriage Counseling Near Me' or The Most Highly-Trained Pro You Can Find?

Dr. Kathy McMahon

Our marriage counseling specialists offer concentrated reliable help over a weekend. Seek out licensed professionals holding certifications and advanced training in the unique challenges presented by your marriage and marriage counseling needs. We offer marriage counselors near you. Concentrated help by 24 skilled counselors licensed in 23 states across the USA.

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Who is This Woman?

When my own marriage fell apart, I never suspected that the marriage counseling was to blame. I went to marriage counseling near me, used my insurance, and went four times before quitting. Then divorced.

Times have changed, but unfortunately finding qualified local marriage counseling hasn't. So I put together a team of 24 of the most highly trained, experienced marriage counselors anywhere in the USA.  

Don't settle for 'local.' demand the best.

Science-based couples therapy offers proven results. Between 70-90% of couples seeking help find solutions. This is destination marriage counseling for couples who can't take the risk. Concentrated help over a weekend. And we work with the toughest cases:  Affairs. Chronic Fighting. Looming Divorce. All done after an extensive science-based assessment completed online. This is proven science.

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