Marriage Counseling Assessment – A “State of the Union” to Measure Your Marriage
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Marriage Counseling Assessment – A “State of the Union” to Measure Your Marriage

Do you really want people trying to help your relationship before they really get to know you?

We don't.

We begin all marriage  counseling with an assessment.

An assessment is an organized way your couples therapist learns more about you and your marriage. 

You'll objectively know how good or bad things are, before you commit to ongoing couples therapy.  Many couples are surprised by what they learn!

Ours is the most comprehensive marital assessment available today.  We deal with all of the common (and not so common) problems couples face.

We call it The "State of the Union."

Here is what is included:

  • One 1 hour 50 minute online interview with both of you. This includes both the Gottman Oral History Interview and a Pearson problem Interview.
  • The BIG BIG Book:  A detailed questionnaire completed online by each of you. It's scored and analyzed. It's an important part of your Retreat Assessment. Learn More...
  • A video analysis of your fighting dynamics.
  • Two individual interviews with each of you.  What are your perspectives, hopes, and wishes? Speak frankly. Just how much does this relationship means to you?
  • One feedback session of one hour fifty minutes. We have the time to provide you with a detailed understanding of your areas of strength, your areas of relationship vulnerabilities, and your attachment styles.
  • Treatment outline or other clinical suggestions.

It starts with a "State of the Union."  It's a part of every Couples Therapy we do online.

Why Do a Marriage Counseling Assessment?

There was a time when it was widely accepted in the field that couples would not complete a marriage counseling assessment until well into the treatment, if at all. But research has demonstrated that assessment is not just "nice to have." It's essential to effective couples therapy.

Without a thorough assessment, your couples therapist is "shooting in the dark." Sessions will be wasted trying to uncover the fundamental issues that you present in couples therapy.

That's a lot of wasted time and stress on you.

Why Do a Relationship Assessment Prior to Discernment Counseling?

In Discernment Counseling, one partner is clearly leaning "out" of the relationship, while one may be leaning "in." We are convinced that to get the most out of Discernment Counseling, it is essential that the couple and the therapist have the most comprehensive overview of the current state of the relationship possible. A State of the Union assessment is not a substitute for Discernment Counseling. It is simply the precursor.

Special Pandemic Pricing:

$1194, $954, $714 depending upon who you choose.
(Dr. K is priced higher)
Three payments of either $238, $320 or $398 - per double session.
Quick, easy financing available through Paypal.

6 clinical hours of direct contact +
2 additional hours spent studying your assessment =

8 hours of total clinical time!

Masters: First Meeting - $398
($199 per 55-minute session, $1194 total)(Concierge is $1500 total)

Certified in Gottman Method Couples Therapy

Dr. Kathy McMahon

Psychologist & Sex Therapist
Concierge Only

Dr. Scott Wolfe


Master Trainer Gottman Institute

California Only

Lisa Lund

Marriage and Family Therapist

Master Trainer Gottman Institute

Mike McNulty Chicago Couples Therapist

Dr. Michael McNulty

Clinical Social Work/Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

Master Trainer Gottman Institute

Dr. Heide Rodriguez


Advanced-Gottman Method

Dr. Maryanna Ham

Gottman I & II

First Meeting - $320 

($159 per 55 min sessions, $954 total)

Certified in Gottman Method Couples Therapy

Stacy Hubbard

Master Trainer: Gottman Institute
Certified in the Gottman Method

Angela Voegele

Certified Gottman & Imago
Sex Therapist

Tim Donovan

Certified Gottman
Drug/Alcohol Counselor

Rebecca Lanier
Marriage & Family Therapist

Certified Gottman

Jenny Fang

Advanced Gottman
Advanced EFT

Jennifer Taylor

Advanced EFT
Advanced Gottman

Diane Foy

Advanced Gottman

Dr. Doug Burford

Advanced Gottman
Christian Counseling

Havi Kligfeld

Advanced Gottman

Daniel Dashnaw

Advanced Gottman
Advanced EFT

Dr. Patricia Gorman

Advanced Gottman
Advanced EFT

Brian Williams

Advanced Gottman
Core Skills EFT

First Session $238
($119 per 55 minute session, $714 total)

Marisa Mundey

Advanced Gottman
Advanced EFT

Catherine Pfuntner

Advanced EFT

Gottman I & II
Drug /Alcohol

Dr. Alexis Johnson-Nelson

Advanced Gottman

Tehilla Luttig

Gottman I & II, Training by Terry Real & Peter Pearson

Beatriz (Betty) Alaniz

Advanced Gottman

Jack O'Leary

Gottman II

Debbie Woodall-Caroll

Advanced Gottman

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