Introducing Kent MacEachern, MA, LMFT


Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist South Carolina License (# 1136)

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapy Supervisor South Carolina License (#2648, lapsed)

Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor, South Carolina License (#2611, lapsed)


M.A. Covenant Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri (Religion and Counseling) 1979

B.A.  College of Charleston, Charleston, S.C. (Biology) 1976.

Advanced training in the Gottman Method (Level III)

Kent conducts his Couples Retreat in Mt. Pleasant (Charleston), South Carolina.

"My idea of being a hero is to live fully, love wastefully and be all I can be. That takes real courage. That is my life strategy."

Personally Speaking

According to Myers Briggs I am an INFP. The INFP is less than 1% of the population. My wife, Marsha, says I am unique in that I have such a wide range of interests and abilities. I view myself as perceptive, persevering, compassionate, curious, creative, patient with frustrating situations, friendly, playful and get along with nearly everyone. 

I attribute my success in life to those qualities.

Marsha is my 7th grade sweetheart! We have so many similar personality traits and interests. She’s an ENFP. Now that we're empty nesters, we enjoy cooking together. The deal is I cook, she cleans up and we both like it that way.  We do a lot together, like going out to eat, movies and plays, local festivals, live music, and sporting events.

She loves watching football even more than me! We like ordinary things like reading books, walking or beach-combing with Sophie (our dog), or bike riding. We also like traveling to see family, cruising and seeing new places. Being active together is what makes our life so grand. And... we love each other a whole lot!

I believe a healthy life is about a balance between love, work and play.

My Dad taught me to work, be responsible, treat people the way you want to be treated, and always do the right thing. 

My Mom taught me to love and play. I got my love of life, cooking, people, music, art, dance and writing from her. 

My parents believed in me. They saw my potential. They instilled in me I could do whatever I set my mind to. If I work hard, treat people right and do the right thing I would be successful.

Marriage and family are the building blocks of our society. The impact of divorce and broken homes is devastating to all. Having personally experienced the impact of divorce, my life mission is to not only help marriages survive but to thrive. I’m in full-time private practice as an LMFT specializing in couples therapy, intensive retreats and psychoeducation workshops using the Couple Communication Program.

My clients run the gamete in age, circumstances and socioeconomic background. I like working with couples who feel hopeless and think they have tried everything. My job is to provide hope and help them learn the skills that will help them have the relationship they both want. They sense I am confident, knowledgeable and experienced and that I can help them. I am delighted when I see progress, growth and sincere hope in a relationship as a result of our time together.

My idea of being a hero is to live fully, love wastefully and be all I can be. That is my life strategy.

Early Years

I’ve been working since age 13. I learned to work and be responsible by showing up and doing the best job I could do at whatever it was. I started with selling Christmas cards, Fuller Brush and Amway door to door in my neighborhood. My first real job was in a tropical fish shop. Summers I worked at a boat shop and lumberyard. In college I worked in a men’s clothing store and drove a delivery truck.

I can relate to most anyone as a result of those experiences.

In grad school, I was a graduate assistant and contributed to the writing of my professor’s book. Since graduating, I worked with the alcohol and drug abuse commission before going into private practice.

My high school biology teacher, Mr. Mills, took me under his wing, took me camping on Edisto Island and brought me to see the College of Charleston when I was a teenager. Although I grew up in South Carolina I had never been to Charleston and I fell in love with it. He nurtured my interest in Marine Science and encouraged me to attend the College of Charleston because they had a Marine Biology degree. I probably would not have gone to college if it had not been for him. I figured if he thought I could do it. I could, and I did.

Hobbies and Interests

This would require a book, but I’ll try to be brief.

My Mom taught me to play golf at an early age and gave me art lessons because she saw my ability.  I grew up hunting and fishing with my Dad and continued this with my son. I loved summers at the beach fishing, skiing, swimming and beach combing. I enjoy boating, kayaking, and scuba diving. I love bird watching, gardening and growing my own vegetables. I became a certified beekeeper to help my garden and to satisfy my love of honey.

My creativity finds expression in wildlife photography using camera and drone. Capturing a special moment or a thing of beauty is exciting, especially in nature. I love being outdoors and photographing wildlife, especially birds give me pleasure.

Last but far from least I love to cook because I enjoy experimenting with herbs and spices, different cuisines and cooking methods. Nowadays Kamado grill cooking on wood coals has become my creative passions. The creative process of cooking can be so simple and yet so complex. Discovering new tastes and flavors is a satisfying experience for me. I love to watch the cooking channels, especially Vivian Howard’s PBS show, “A Chef’s Life”, and Guy Fieri’s, “Diners, Drive Ins and Dives”. The endless variety of dishes is mind boggling and really gets my juices flowing. 

Managing my own perfectionistic expectations with them is challenging, however. Both cooking and photography require knowledge, skill and a desire for perfection. It really bugs me when what I cook or the picture I take are not as good as I know they could be. I have learned from David Burns, MD “the healthy pursuit of excellence” vs perfection is the antidote. 

Kent and his wife Marsha

"When I have golf dreams, I find they reflect how I’m doing. Am I in the fairway or the woods? Usually very accurate."

Canoeing behind house in McClellanville


I love cooking on my Kamado Joe grill so much I wake up thinking about what I’m going to cook next.

Weird right?

When I have golf dreams, I find they reflect how I’m doing. Am I in the fairway or the woods? Usually very accurate.

Our "Sophie" is a Havanese, a breed developed in Cuba

I like photographing a thing of beauty

I love photography!

My Community

Daniel Island is a planned community developed in 1997. The Family Circle Tennis Open is held in the Volvo Stadium which is in the middle of town and attracts visitors from all over the world. It looks like a resort town but it’s really people living their everyday lives. Everything is new and well landscaped. The population is very diverse moving here from all over the country, which is quite different than Charlestonians who have lived there for generations steeped in history and tradition. Charleston is so old and Daniel Island is so new. I get the best of both worlds, just minutes from historic Charleston, the area beaches, surrounded by two rivers and Charleston Harbor.

 I am a member of Rotary International on Daniel Island. Our nationally recognized fundraiser is the annual Duck Race. Funds raised go to several charities including disaster relief in Puerto Rico through Water Missions International.

My Office

My office is in Mount Pleasant just minutes from the beach and the city of Charleston. There is never any shortage of things to do and places to go year around.  My office building looks more like a cottage than an office building. It offers a warm, cozy homelike atmosphere.

Kent's clinical office in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

One of the first things couples see in my office is a 60” screen TV, which is a perfect lead in to say: “No I don’t watch games shows, soaps, Oprah and reality shows. This is the monitor I use for the Couples Communication program and ThriveSphere.”

Would love to work with you at my Mt Pleasant office in South Carolina.

My Couples Therapy Intensive Retreat office in Mt Pleasant, SC

Specialized Training & Associations

Clinical Member of American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy

Alcohol and Drug Intervention, Counseling and Referral-South Carolina Commision on Alcohol and Drug Abuse.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing- EMDR Level II -Francine Shapiro, Ph.D. Over 15 years of treatment experience for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy-David Burns, MD-treatment for anxiety, depressive and addictive disorders.

Approach blends Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, Bowenian family systems and Psychodynamic theory and diagnosis. 

Interpersonal Communication Programs, Inc.-Certified Instructor and Trainer

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