Marriage Counseling for International Teachers

We salute you, International Teachers.

We know the challenges of living abroad.  We've been there, too.

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    You're hired as a pair
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    You're employed as a team
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    Your housing is a couple arrangement
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    ...and you're hired by the year.

It’s not all that bad.

In fact, most times, you tell us it’s pretty great. Your standard of living as an international teacher is better (in a lot of ways…) than it would be back home. Travel is wonderful. Meeting new people.

But there are downsides, too. Isolation. Limited peer networks.

And when stress and tension (or an attractive other...) impacts that “couples teamwork,” everything is on the line.

Your lover, your companion, your fellow adventurer, your friend…and your housing and employment contract.

That’s not something teachers deal with back home.

And you’re in a foreign country, to boot, trying, trying, trying to work it out.

Married International Teachers have special challenges. We can help.

We work with International Teachers just like you, all around the world.

Helping Teachers - All Couples - Internationally and Across the USA.

It's all we do.

And we have a few answers waiting for you about the health of your relationship, too, once you fill out our assessment questionnaire called "The BIG BIG  Book."

We help couples to get back to that warm, happy place.

You know, the place you were in when you took your first teaching position oversees. 

And we know how to work with couples. 

You can get help right from your smartphone or iPad.

And with the smallest bandwidth of almost any other provider, our video conferencing program will reach you, no matter what part of the world you’re teaching in (assuming you can browse the internet with a smartphone…)

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