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Executives and other international assignees who frequently travel or live internationally reach out to us for help. 

International Teachers, Foreign Service Officers and others in the Diplomatic Corp, and even rural folks find the professional support they need.  We're here for you, wherever you are located. Or wherever you'll end up after relocation or reassignment.

It starts with an extensive assessment of your relationship.

This is an extensive assessment of your relationship strengths and areas needing improvement.

Online Marriage Counseling or 
Discernment Counseling.

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"It has worked for us... It's that simple. This would be an option I'd highly recommend to anyone who needs couples therapy, especially as expats living outside of the USA."   ~Recent Online Client

Skilled Professional Clinical Care, Totally Confidential

"We use Cutting-Edge Security…where privacy is of utmost importance. Our professional, HIPAA-compliant video conferencing program is used by doctors worldwide."

We help "Super Commuter Marriages."

Super commuters are people whose jobs are far enough away from home that they must live apart from their families for days, weeks, or even months at a time.

It can also be used to define those who commute 90 miles or more on a daily basis. 

New York University’s Rudin Center for Transportation Policy and Management reports that as many as  13 percent of workers in large US cities are currently 'supercommuting.' It’s not just a trend in the USA either; reports show the number of international super commuters is on the rise as well.

Online help for sexual problems

Intimacy problems require specialized training from clinical professionals with the highest ethical standards. Board-certified, peer supervised. Find them here.

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    Single Couples
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    Same-sex Couples
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    Christian Couples
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    International Couples

Couples living rurally

It may take you a while to leave your own land!

Especially for the "blended" couple, where one was raised in an agricultural area and another in a city, there are adjustments. One may want frequent "get-aways," while another prefers to stay close to home.

Farmers, ranchers, and those living in extremely rural areas raising crops or livestock know the challenges of finding talented therapeutic help close to home.

International Teachers

So many advantages, but sometimes stress and tension impacts your relationship:

  • Isolation
  • Limited peer networks
  • missing old friends back home.

  • We know the challenges of living abroad.  We've been there.
  • You're not alone anymore with your marital struggles.  Give us a call. We work with International and ESL teachers worldwide.

    Advanced Professionals.

    Our Couples Therapists are specialists in helping troubled relationships.  Our Associates have training in at least two approaches to helping troubled couples. Five are former Program Directors of Graduate Programs, or have taught at a graduate level. We currently have 13 couples therapists licensed across the USA, and in Puerto Rico, and one licensed in Ireland, as well as two post-graduate interns, offering services at a lower fee.

    Want to set up your first appointment? Contact our Intake Counselors Daniel or Nicole. 

    We are also particularly sensitive to couples from two different cultures, perhaps living in a third country. Many of us have lived in other countries, or have traveled extensively.

    We know the questions to ask to determine:

    "Is it personal or is it a cultural difference?"

    We avoid pathologizing cultural variation, and respect all cultures.

    We do not, however, condone violence inside the home, and work hard to assure that individuals get help that they need to stop it

    What is an ‘International Couple?'

    An International Couple can be defined in a number of ways. Sometimes each partner is from a different country or culture.  Sometimes they are from the same country, but live together in a foreign land.

    Many students travel around the world to study and learn. This can strain their relationship. International students are often learning a new language and customs, as well as studying in school.

    Maintaining a happy marriage can be a special challenge to the International Couple. They have had to master not only how to live together, but to manage many other issues as well. They've had to grow and change together. They have to be willing and open to engaging in new rituals and practices. They have successfully done many of these things already, in order to be a couple. But sometimes they face a barrier they cannot seem to figure out how to climb over.

    We practice couples therapy with international couples online and have taught cross-cultural sensitivity and ethnic differences to marriage and family therapy graduate students at several schools of psychology. One of us (Dr. Ham) is an internationally recognized expert on cross-culturalism.

    Working with International Couples from around the world takes special skills and knowledge to be of effective help.

    We know how careful we must be in really understanding an International Couple. Using online couples therapy with International Couples also takes special skills.

    Using a secure video-conferencing program is more than technology. It is knowing how to combine couples psychotherapy, in evidence-based lengths, with online therapy, to get the best results. That’s why we’ve studied online psychotherapy AND couples therapy extensively.

    The Cultural Richness of International Couples

    We’re worked with British Expats, American Expats, South African Expats, African Expats, Asia Expat, (including Shanghai Expat and Hong Kong Expats;) Australian Expats; and South American Expats (including Expats in Mexico, Expats in Panama, Expats in Ecuador, Expat in Peru, Expats in Costa Rica, and Expats in Belize,) Expats from the Middle East (Saudi Aramco Expats), German Expats…from all over the world!

    Sometimes International Couples are from the same country, but live together in a foreign land.

    It is proven effective. 

    "My heartfelt thanks for your gifted counseling..."  More

    "We have seen numerous therapists over the last three years and our CTI therapist by far exceeded all of our expectations..."  More

    Expats and those living abroad including:

  • Those in the Diplomatic Services Corp.
  • International Teachers and educators
  • Multinational employees and their partners
  • Foreign Service Workers
  • Those living or stationed outside their homelands (e.g. in expat jobs of various capacities.)
  • Intimacy Issues

    One of you may be having a very intimate, personal problem of a sexual nature. Perhaps you can’t imagine sitting in front of another person in a clinical office.

    But you need to have it resolved.

    You can sit together, in a private place of your choosing, and talk to one of our skilled experts in sex therapy, using your computer…through videoconferencing.

    Some issues are personal and require privacy.

    We help International Couples get the therapeutic help that they deserve.

    Online. With a click of a button.

    And with the same level of security credit card companies use.

    Pay online too, with Paypal.  
    Ask about 6 months same as cash.

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