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This document is relevant to those who have chosen to be seen by a supervised Marriage and Family Therapy Intern. If this doesn’t apply to you, just confirm and move on to the next document.

Marriage and Family Therapy Interns-in-training are dependent upon the ability to see clients, couples, and families, in order to complete their training, and become in licensed. If you have chosen to see a Couples Therapy Inc (CTI) Intern, this document explains the student’s training, offers information about the counseling relationship, provides information about client rights and responsibilities.

Intern Training

Interns at CTI are enrolled or have completed coursework in a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy program accredited by Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy Education (COAMFTE). Students have completed core courses in Marriage and Family Therapy prior to beginning their clinical experience at this independent clinical placement, and have been approved by their program to practice clinically. A few examples include courses in ethics, psychopathology, theories of marriage and family therapy, and other courses relevant to the student’s specialization in marriage and family therapy. The courses are offered in a developmental sequence in which students apply their knowledge under intensive supervision.

Counseling Relationship

Your counseling services will be based on a relationship characterized by trust and respect. The MFT-in training and client will work together to both identify goals for therapy and to move toward meeting those goals. The therapy sessions may include an exploration of thoughts, feelings, personal and family history, communication styles, attitudes and beliefs about self and others, and personal developmental needs. The MFT-in-training will receive supervision from a qualified, experienced supervisor who is licensed an independent level to practice in their discipline.

Client Rights and Responsibilities

Clients have the right to receive counseling in which the individual’s dignity, worth, and uniqueness are respected. Your MFT-in-training will provide you with quality informed services that are offered under close supervision. Additionally, however, the success of the counseling relationship depends on your willingness to be open and involved in the process. Individuals who participate in counseling can experience changes in personal views, attitudes, and coping skills. Sometimes those close to you may need time to adjust to new perspectives and positive behavioral changes that may evolve during your therapy.

Your MFT-in-training may ask to record some or all of your counseling sessions. The recording of sessions is something that occurs only with your verbal consent at the start of your therapy. You have the right to allow or to refuse this process to take place. However, the recordings are taken place to ensure that supervisors can observe the trainee objectively and to ensure the highest quality of service to you, the client. All recordings, if made, will be destroyed at the end of your treatment. Taping will both serve the intern’s training needs and enrich your personal counseling experience via the added perspective of supervisory review.

If you have any concerns at any time about the services provided by your intern, you may contact their supervisor:

Intern: Daniel Dashnaw, M.S.
Supervisor: Nancy Knuden, MA


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