Intensive Marriage Counseling to Stop Divorce:

Couples Retreat South Africa

A Clinical Retreat for Change: Private, Confidential, Effective for One Couple at a Time - Couples Retreat South Africa

Driving distances from Cape Town to Hermanus:
 1 hour 30 minutes

Flying Time from Johannesburg/Pretoria/ Duban:
2 hours

Hermanus, Western Cape

Science-based + Time-Limited Focused Help for the Most Troubled of Marriages

Our Couples Retreat South Africa is not a group educational format. We specialize in 'turn-around' marriage rescues...based on over 40 years of science studying couples. Couples Retreat South Africa

You'll exit the 'divorce super-highway.'

One couple per couples therapist.

Real, science-based help.

We help couples just like you stop their divorce every day using our intensive marriage retreat format.

We understand the mechanics of troubled marriages and how to fix them.

A heart-wrenching affair?

You have about a 3% chance of marrying your affair partner and staying together...

Chronic Nasty Fighting?

This is where you learn pragmatic changes that will work wonders either in this marriage, or if not, your next.

Did you fail at previous Couples Therapy?

So did our Founder, Dr. Kathy McMahon. 

"My own marital failure drove me to invest 20 y ears of study, and learn 5 different models of couples therapy. The results?"

A science-based Marriage Retreat that helps couples achieve genuine emotional closeness and sexual connection.

You'll get a detailed look at exactly what we'll be doing and why. We're unique in our use of an extensive science-based assessment for each couple prior to meeting you. We call it: "The BIG BIG Book of Intimate Relationships" and it's essential in helping us to stop your divorce. You can read more about it here.

Couples Retreat South Africa

There is nothing like it.

We use it to determine how we can best assist you. We use videotaping as part of our assessment as well. This enables us to scientifically understand what's gone wrong in your pattern of communication and overall relationship dynamics.  

'Divorce-Busting' isn't for the weak-at-heart, and it's costly.

But our couples find it so much more affordable than divorce.

After divorce, everything gets a lot more complicated:

  • check
    Two mortgages
  • check
    Split childcare
  • check
    Children running between families
  • check
    Two households
  • check
    Two different sets of rules.

And people tend to make the same mistakes in future relationships if they can't figure out what they've doing wrong, and just blame their spouse.  In a Couples Retreat South Africa you can figure out what you've done wrong and fix it, even if you'll go on to divorce.

Couples enter treatment on the verge of divorce,  (some have even filed for divorce or moved out...) and leave with a new sense of commitment, connection, and resolve.

When you are facing divorce, you don't have TIME for more traditional weekly sessions. Every day brings you farther and farther apart.

Meet Your Couples Therapist in South Africa: Tehilla Luttig.

Couples Retreat South Africa Therapist Tehilla Luttig

Tehilla is a licensed counselor South Africa.

Ek kan sessies in Engels of Afrikaans aanbied.

Tehilla conducts her Couples Retreat in Hermanus, Western Cape, South Africa.


License: South Africa: PRC0016837 & PR #0538396

Hermanus Couples Retreat South Africa
Tehilla's office is a short walk to the beach, for a meditative walk.

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"Divorce is costly, not just financially, but emotionally too.  It costs your kids as well as your future security. Preventing it is well-worth the effort."

Give us a weekend.

Science has demonstrated that a large block of treatment is more impactful in changing around highly distressed couples. You'll make more progress with an intensive marriage retreat by being away, surrounded by nature. You'll have the time you both need to resolve your entrenched problematic dynamics, or decide you've given it your all. 

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