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Passionate. Playful. Cherishing.
Don't just 'stay together'...Repair together.

Promise not to settle for 'average,' but to deepen and enrich your connection.

Intensive Marriage Counseling based upon 40 years of research in couples therapy. It's a private "only the two of you" program that's designed to deliver clinically-proven results. 

We know how to speak to your troubled heart, and heal the deepest betrayals.

A marriage that works provides comfort, passion, and a solid foundation to face the world together. Experienced in helping marriages in crisis, we know how to speak directly to the anguished soul. The restless heart. To address confusion & deception compassionately. Effective couples therapy.

Both of you. One seasoned professional. A weekend of Intensive Marriage Counseling. That's all it takes to define and tackle your most formidable relationship challenges. We've learned to reach into people's hearts. To help you speak so powerfully that your words make an impact. To listen so intently, you truly understand your partner, for the very first time. A deeper, more nurturing bond.

Expert Couples Therapy. Over 500 years of clinical expertise. Now available across the USA. 

Less Pain 
           More Passion

Let go of embittered attitudes, withholding, or bickering. We know how to de-escalate, calm, and reach into the deepest parts of you. Those parts wanting only the very best for you and your family. Your truer loving, protective nature.

Resolve Disagreements 

Develop science-based skills to stop repetitive fights once and for all. Make progress on disagreements.

Re-establish Trust

We help heal an affair, a regrettable incident, or broken trust. Stop spying & relax into love again.

Set Attainable Goals

Be clear on your relationship goals. Take active steps to make them happen. Work together as a team again.

Let's Talk About Sex

Calmly talk about enhancing intimacy collaboratively. Introduce the erotic back into your marriage.

"We have seen numerous therapist over the last three years and you have, by far, exceeded all of our expectations.”

busy lives?
condense your work.

One weekend of couples therapy is equal to almost six months of conventional weekly help. Only better.  Get to the heart of your issues, move into them, move through them and then move on. Tackle marital heartache the way you do the rest of your life:  Fearlessly. HEAD ON. Intensive Marriage Counseling. Fast. Powerful. Healing. You can do it. We can help.

A better marriage requires changing priorities

Spend a solid weekend. Focus only on each other. Rebuild your relationship with the latest practical cutting-edge couples therapy skills using knowledge gathered from over 40+ years of researching real couples. It's private. Just the two of you and a licensed marital specialist. Advanced Intensive Marriage Counseling.

​​​​What Our Clients and Others Say


My issues were my partners lies, lack of accountability.... I was done with the relationship. I thought doing the therapy would be a waste of time and money.

The change was actually dramatic.

I opened up and am allowing him to prove himself to me, which was his goal for the therapy. We now have some useful tools for connecting. 

I remembered my love for him again."


[Couples Therapy Inc.} is serious business - no margaritas, group sessions or yoga classes...a science-based intensive one-on-one retreat addressing your relationship issues head on with a skilled doctoral or masters-level couples therapist." 

Leah Groth 

/ / 


Our relationship was broken. The trust was gone. We were hesitant to commit the time, money and stress of having to deal with our issues, not knowing there'd be a result.

Our couples therapist was amazing!

He really simplified everything so we could both see the core issues. Everything about him was positive. We always felt heard and understood by him. We are now open and honest and have hope for the future.

I'd definitely recommend him."


We have the skills for coping when I get crazy angry.  

I realize if I criticize him, he's only going to get defensive so I use my words carefully!

We use the results of where we scored as a couple to help us also in see that we still have enough left in this relationship to work on it. 

We are talking better, too."


My husband has torn down the walls of defensiveness, combativeness, and manipulation. We are working on re-establishing trust, connecting through different communication tools, and have a common goal of wanting to have a marriage worth our happiness.

I feel free.

We both feel like we don't have to pretend or hide anymore - We have been able to talk about any and everything this week and it feels so freeing."


We had tried some therapy sessions with local therapists but it was not really very helpful.  I think it actually pushed my husband in the other direction. 

After [this work]  my husband has become a completely different person. He is much happier after opening up and telling me the truth. He decided he wants to work on our relationship after all and that there is hope for us. We would recommend Couples Therapy Inc.  The therapist was very thorough, extremely intelligent, and ultimately probably saved our marriage."

We Begin with a 
State of the Union Assessment

Designed to save you time and money, this unique couples therapy instrument online is completed privately by each of you. It's a comprehensive overview of your relationship health, based upon thousands of couples just like you. You'll know which issues are to be worked on before we start. It's included in the cost of your Intensive Marriage Counseling.

We are...
Couples Therapy Inc.

More than thirty Couples Therapists globally devoted to excellence in helping couples in crisis. We have almost 600 years (we counted) of combined experience and represent both secular psychotherapists and Christian ministries. All are science-based. We're leaders in training Institutes, universities, and as supervisors to our peers. During our monthly collaboration meetings, we aim to set new standards of excellence in Intensive Couples Therapy. We work online too!


We were argumentative and in despair. 

The Reverend was nonjudgmental, accepting, wise, discerning, and strategic. He had lots of practical tools, created a peaceful environment, offered tons of life experience, and practiced gentle truth telling.

With him, we processed a lot of pain and misunderstanding, and came away with some practical tools to implement healing. I felt the heaviness lift off of my soul.

He is a deep fountain of knowledge but completely approachable and very accepting of where ever you are. Very gentle and kind. This has really brought a lot of perspective in healing into our relationship.

I would definitely recommend him to others. 


At first, I was hesitant. I was not sure that my wife could be real with me or herself. I told our therapist to hold no punches, that our marriage depended on him! We had tried just regular therapy. Nothing like this. 

After 37 years and two marriages, I was able to be heard! I also learned how I added to our problems with the way I communicated and learned how to communicate in a positive way. I feel like a new person, partner, friend and husband. Our marriage will start to grow as we implement what we learned!

I learned that we had a great marriage but had to learn to communicate in a much better way, the way we communicated sucked!

Yes!! When couples have problems like we had, this would be the only way to correct them. Seeing someone for 45-minutes once a week would not work.

I would do this again if needed!


Life changing, earth shattering, amazing changes -- 

I am not kidding when I say this absolutely hands down saved our marriage, saved our lives...

I was so unhappy and I am now looking at the world differently, knowing I have a partner with me in this life that I once felt so alone in...

We have a lot of work to do -- but we are both committed to this and following through with the changes ...

I cannot believe that this had such an immediate impact on us and I am forever, forever grateful.

I will be recommending you to any of my friends or family that ever is faced with some serious relationship troubles…

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