How to Prepare for Your Intensive Couples Retreat

If you are attending a Couples Retreat:

Contact us at [email protected] and request a date. We’ll get back to you with a finalized block of time.

After you’ve paid your invoice, you’ll get a welcome email requesting your mobile phone number, and your partner’s name, email, and mobile phone number. We ask this in order to send you online registration information.  Ask to speak to your therapist personally.

You’ll get directions and a list of the best places to stay and dine in the area.

You’ll be provided a link to The BIG BIG Book, so you can being to share your own relationship history with us.

Complete your BIG BIG Book in a timely manner, so it can be scored and interpreted by your clinician.

Automatic reminds will let you know that your Couples Retreat is coming up!

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