How to Prepare for Your First ONLINE Couples Therapy Session

If you’ve signed up for an Online Couples Therapy Session:

Once you’ve scheduled an appointment by contacting [email protected], and paid your invoice:

  1. You’ll get a welcome email requesting your mobile phone number, and your partner’s name, email, and mobile phone number. We ask this in order to send you online registration information.
  2. You’ll receive a direct link to your couples therapist’s private video conferencing line.
  3. You’ll be provided a link to The BIG BIG Book, so you can begin to share your own relationship history with us.
  4. Automatic reminds will let you know that your online Couples Therapy is coming up!
  5. At the appointment time, follow the easy directions to signing on.  Your couples therapist will “call” you.

Learn the lengths for each session you book.

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