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Job Description

Treat couples from around the world,

Sitting at home in your favorite chair.

Licensed Psychologist or doctoral-level social worker or doctoral-level marriage and family therapist (or international equivalent) wanted to serve highly successful individuals around the world, and throughout the USA.

This is NOT another “fee-for-service” job.

We’re out to change the face of Couples Therapy, and how it’s delivered!

We’re looking for a remarkable therapist who considers the world their playground. And who has played joyfully in that playground.

~ Do you have a drive to excel in working with the most challenging of couples?
~ Are you driven to becoming an expert in couples therapy?
~ Are you motivated by innovation and team collaboration?
~ Do you love understanding cultures very different than your own or have you lived in other countries?

We may be looking for you!


  • You hate bureaucracy, insurance companies, and jumping through mindless hoops.
  • You want to see 8 more couples per week.
  • You’re Licensed as a Psychologist, Social Worker, Marriage and Family Therapist, or Masters Level Counselor.
  • You are restless to excel, not just be “average.”
  • You’re daring and unafraid.
  • You like to move around, work from your own space, and set own appointment schedule.
  • You’re not concerned about conducting fee-for-service work, because you’re that good.
  • You like the idea of online work and like learning new technology and cutting out the drudgery.

ME: Couples Therapy Inc.

  • We’re Growing!
  • We serve highly successful individuals around the world, and throughout the USA.
  • We have Couples Therapists in Massachusetts (USA), Maryland, Georgia, Ireland, Puerto Rico, and Sydney, and Clinical Interns in Virgina, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire..
  • NOW LOOKING TO HIRE: Turkey and Middle East, Texas, California, Florida, New York and New Jersey. Being bilingual or trilingual is also highly preferred.
  • We provide you couples who are in need of your services and expect expert help.
  • We provide exceptional training in couples therapy and sex therapy. We make good or excellent couples therapists, to great and outstanding couples therapists .
  • We have an incredible support staff to allow our clinicians to focus on…well…clinical work!

Are you devoted to developing high-levels of skills seeing couples?

Apply today!
Interviews are held for the right candidates.


  • Please provide a cover letter highlighting interest and experience in couples therapy.
  • Include a detailed resume/vita.

Required experience:

  • Couples Therapy: 2 years

Our ideal candidate is:

  • Multi-culturally trained;
  • World-savvy;
  • Innovative;
  • Exceptionally intelligent/creative;
  • Enjoys developing new approaches to treatment;
  • Is comfortable with technology, and;
  • Devoted to continuing to develop high-level skills working clinically with couples.
Company Description

We are devoted to bringing couples therapy to an entirely new level!

We’re an expanding international network of couples’ therapists located across the globe and in our own home state in the USA. We work in ways that defy traditional definitions of practice. Our clients are world-savvy, often multi-ethnic, or bilingual. They work in particularly high-level, high-stress jobs that often require them to travel a great deal. They are used to seeking out the most highly skilled professionals, and paying well for expert services.

We hire only the most well-trained clinicians devoted to expert couples therapy. We expect exceptional efforts to effectively heal troubled relationships. And we reimburse that effort exceptionally well.

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