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You Are Almost There… Relax, and take a breathe. We get it. You’re under pressure. Making a relationship better is really a science now, as much as an art. And it’s what we’re trained to do. We really can help. You can make your marriage better, even if it is pretty good right now. AND you make it a LOT better if it’s horrible. Really. We can.

We’ll help you to stop the angry accusations, no matter what that “regrettable incident” was. Imagine both of you relaxing into an embrace. Facing the world’s hassles as a team.

Can’t you see the look on your kids’ faces when you two are cracking jokes again? They’re all exhaling.

Even you.

Or when you have that “morning after glow?” Just imagine what summer vacations will look like when you’re teasing each other and laughing again. Splashing water and being genuinely silly. Just fun times. No big whoop. Walking arm-in-arm, and lean into each other. Kissing in public. (Embarrassing your kids…or the grandkids.)

The loneliness, anger, resentment is killing you. You know that, I’m sure you do. Bad marriages are bad for everyone and everything. Your kids, your health, your job performance.

It’s time to stop the war.

But somebody has to take the first step. Swallow their pride. Talk pragmatically about how you’re both getting nowhere fast. And don’t worry if you’ve seen other therapists for a 50 minute session. They weren’t specialists. The length of the session tells us that. certified-gottman-therapist-logo-300x210

We are specialists. You’re in skilled hands. We know how to help. So it’s not “hopeless.” Your marriage isn’t hopeless. But you have to believe it can change. And you have to act, instead of just thinking about doing something. Every day we deal with couples in distress, who want to make their relationship better, and we know how to do it. International Society for Mental Health Online Logo_213x206

But you have to do your part. You have to take the first step. Talk it out with us. Let us help you get your spouse on board, too. You can use the form below. Ask us to call you, or just talk about your situation. Ask to speak to one of our skilled couples therapists. Or just put a big “HELP!” in the subject line, and let us know you want us to contact you. But the more you tell us, the better we can direct you. Tauseef will receive your email. He’s our Operations Manager with a long history in International banking. He knows the need for discretion. If you tell us your story, he’ll forward it to one of our trained Couples specialists, who will respond to you, personally. If you know who you want to work with, let Ted know, and he’ll direct your email to that particular therapist. Everyone is going to ask you if you’ve read this website. We ask, because an educated consumer is our best client. You help us help you. We respond to your email within 24-48 hours. We value you, and your reaching out. We won’t leave you hanging.

Prefer to call?

Daniel is waiting to talk to you. Daniel is a clinical intern and couples therapist trained in a number of models. He’s our Clinical Intake Coordinator. You can call him (internationally or the local number in Manhattan) at +1 (212) 519-75232. or Toll Free at 844 – 9 – COUPLES (844-926-8753)

Not Sure What to Say When You Write? We get it.

These questions can be used as a guide to help you formulate your thoughts:

Couple at computer in online couples therapy, with wife talking to husband and he looks at screen


  • How long have you been married or together?
  • Do you have children, and if so, how old are they?
  • Are you fighting a lot, but both deeply committed to your marriage?
  • Is there little fighting, but are things cold and distant between you?
  • Are you seriously considering divorce or are you already separated?
  • Have you had a chance to read our site and learn about our services?
  • Are drugs, alcohol, violence, or infidelity a factor in your current unhappiness?

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