Fees for Online Couples Therapy

We Start with a 'State of the Union' Assessment of Your Relationship.

The State of the Union consists of four sessions and The BIG BIG Book:
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    A 2-hour session with you together
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    An individual session alone, with each of you
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    A one-hour 20-minute Feedback Session you attend together.
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    A thorough analysis of The BIG BIG Book

Learn more about 'evidence-based' lengths of treatment.

One Complete Price:

A State of the Union Assessment includes:

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    four clinical appointments with a clinically-trained professional
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    7.5 hours of clinical time (5.5 hours of direct face-to-face help)
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    scoring and analyzing The BIG BIG Book
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    Feedback given to you and a local couples therapist of your choice

Fees for a Comprehensive State of the Union Assessment:

Master Therapists: $950* ($95 per 45 min. hour of therapist's time) (30+ more years of experience)

All Others: $650*. and up ($50+ per 45 min. hour of therapists time)

Ongoing Online  Marriage Counseling (80-minutes)
Why are these sessions longer than 45-minutes?
Master Therapists: starting at $295  ($166 per 45-minute equivalence) 30+ years experience

All Others:  starting at $145  ($90 for 45-minute equivalence*)

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*All Fees Quoted in US Dollars.

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