Ecological Heroes: Rex Weyler

Rex Weyler, a personal friend and Co-founder of Greenpeace, talks about our current predicament.

In the 1970s, Weyler served as one of the  co-founder of Greenpeace International and editor of the Greenpeace Chronicles. Save the Whales?  That was Rex in that blow-up raft against the huge Japanese whaling ship. He served on campaigns to preserve rivers and forests, and to stop whaling, sealing, and toxic dumping. He remains active in ecological campaigns and works on water quality legislation in BC and forest preservation in Canada and South America.

He currently posts the “Deep Green” column at the Greenpeace International website and writes for The Tyee, the Energy Bulletin, and at He writes and consults on film and television projects and speaks on issues of ecology, society, and journalism. He is the author of several books and is currently writing about ecology and the economy. In 1982, Weyler co-founded the Hollyhock education centre on Cortes Island, B.C., in Canada, which offers seminars in practical and creative arts.

Cortes Island has no police force.  But it does have an environmental enforcer.

In a recent post, he takes on “fake green” groups.  He writes:

Greenpeace has maintained a nearly 40-year policy of raising its funding only from its individual members and not accepting government or corporate grants. There is a big difference between forcing a company to the bargaining table and winning concessions – as Greenpeace has done with Shell Oil, Apple Computers, and Coca Cola – and simply partnering with a corporate donor and acting as greenwashing seal of approval. Christine MacDonald points out that World Wildlife Fund, The Nature Conservancy, and Conservation International cozied up to agribusiness giants Archer Daniels Midland, Cargill and other companies to fashion a “sustainable soy” policy, a process that dragged on for years and accomplished nothing. Meanwhile Greenpeace campaigned against the international agribusiness giants and forced a moratorium on buying soybeans from recently deforested Amazon lands….

Hari points out that the compromised environmental groups believe they are adhering to “political reality” when they accept, for example, CO2 emission cuts that fall short of what climate science knows is necessary. “They don’t seem to realize,” writes Hari, “that in a conflict between political reality and physical reality, physical reality will prevail. You can’t stand at the edge of a rising sea and say, ‘Sorry, the swing states don’t want you to happen today.’ The laws of physics are more real and permanent than any passing political system. ”

“We need a few leaders who aren’t careerists,” says Bill Turnage, the former president of the Wilderness Society. People who aren’t worried about where they are going to get their next job.”


All just a pipe dream?

Time to start dreaming:

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