Introducing Daniel Dashnaw, M.A.,MFT

Couples Therapist, writer, Blog Editor

Daniel conducts his Couples Retreat in Boston Landing, and the foothills of the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts. Joint Winter Retreats in Miami, FL


M.A. Antioch University New England.  Marriage and Family Therapy. (2016).

M.S.  University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Labor Studies. (2008) Cum Laude

B.A. Rhode Island College, Providence. Labor Studies. (1991) Cum Laude

Pre-licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Supervisor: Kyle Killian, Ph.D.., LMFT
Prior Group Supervision: Michele Weiner Davis

Personally Speaking

Working with couples from across the globe is a privilege. I love the diversity that comes with who we love and why. I want to understand each partner's outlook on life; their sexual orientation, values, ethnicity, culture, and religious and spiritual beliefs, particularly those clients who society tends to marginalize, or who may experience themselves as disenfranchised to some degree.

In stressful situations, people say that I voice the words that others are thinking, but are fearful or uncertain how to express. I'm pragmatic. I will use whatever tools are at hand to help my clients. I want to find out what is going to work for you, especially if it is different than what you imagine might be effective. I know marriages take work, and I'm not afraid to use examples from my relationship to demonstrate this.

I'm an entrepreneur, a husband, a father, a grandfather. I was also a foster parent to three troubled teens over the years.

My wife, Dr. Kathy McMahon, has been helping troubled couples over the last 30 years. I'm proud to join her, doing individual and husband-wife retreats.

Work Summary

I have a particular interest in the special challenges of business owners in their marriages. I started, developed, and grew a business over 12 years, so I know from personal experience that entrepreneurs are primarily reliant on the ecology of their mind and emotions.

And men can have a particularly hard time expressing emotions or asking for help. That is why when trouble strikes, I know that timely support for entrepreneurs is crucial in making a difference.

I've always been interested in the dynamics of working life. I have both an undergraduate and graduate degree in Labor Studies from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. I graduated Cum Laude in 2008.

Completing a Masters Program in Marriage and Family Therapy program at Antioch New England Graduate School was a continuation of that interest.  Sigmund Freud once said that the challenge in life is balancing love and work.  I've becoming an active student studying both.

I have a passion for couples therapy, and I'm eclectic theoretically. I've completed Levels I, II, and III of the Gottman Method Couples Therapy and an Externship in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy. I've also completed the advanced EFT Core Skills training.

I also have training in Discernment Counseling and completed a year-long internship working with distressed couples using the Bader-Pearson Developmental Model. This was in addition to my work at Couples Therapy Inc.

In fact, I've "officially" completed over 1000 hours helping couples over the last two years for my training, although unofficially I have done much more.

In 2013, I attended the Gottman/Johnson Summit in Seattle.  I've also completed training with Dan Wile, Ph.D., a clinician John Gottman calls: "the greatest living marital therapist."

Recently, My wife and I spent four days training with Michelle Weiner Davis in Colorado. Michelle is one of the most important thinkers in couples therapy today. I think of Michele as both a mentor and a friend.

I see individuals and couples at Couples Therapy Inc., under the supervision of Kyle D. Killian, Ph.D., LMFT. Dr. Killian is a Marriage and Family Therapist whose books include Interracial Couples, Intimacy & Therapy: Crossing Racial Borders (Columbia University Press), and Intercultural Couples: Exploring Diversity in Intimate Relationships. 

Dr. Killian also conducts research and trainings on vicarious resilience and self-care for clients in the" helping" professionals and first responders.

I also focus on working with couples suffering the impacts of the "pervasive traumas" of life: childhood sexual abuse, car accidents, physical and domestic violence, family alcoholism, serious illness, a sudden death of a loved one, sudden job loss...etc.

I am a member of the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies.

Practice Values

I believe that the example of intimate relationships you display to your children will echo through time, resonating far into the future.

You are right now, every day, interaction by interaction, modeling and shaping the pattern of how your family loves, or struggles to love, their intimate partners for generations to come. Your joy or misery will echo through time.

I look forward to working with you.

Certifications & Associations

Pioneer Valley Couples Training


Client Reviews

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"I was not sure that my wife could be real with me or herself.

We had tried just regular therapy. Nothing like this.  I told Daniel to hold no punches, that our marriage depended on him!  

After 37 years and two marriages, I was able to be heard! I also learned how I added to our problems with the way I communicated. I learned how to communicate in a positive way. I feel like a new person, partner, friend and husband. I feel that we will be happy with each other and get closer to each other again. Our marriage will start to grow as we implement what we learned!

I was heard which made me look at our marriage in a totally different and positive way. I learned that we had a great marriage but had to learn to communicate in a much better way." - Recent Participant

Dr. Kathy McMahon ("Dr. K") & Daniel Dashnaw conduct joint husband-wife couples retreats in Boston & Miami, FL.


Infidelity: How You Can Heal and Move On

Download Daniel Dashnaw's comprehensive guide to recovering from the pain of infidelity and finding new strength and intimacy.

Evidence-based Models

Five Day-Externship

8 day Core Skills Training

One year of Supervision
under EFT-Approved Supervisor

Daniel with Dr. John Gottman at Level III training in Seattle

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