Does CTI Have Over 500 Years of Clinical Experience? Prove it!

In a word…yes. 500 years is a long time. 500 years ago Columbus had just barely sailed the ocean blue. Five hundred years ago, there was a dancing plague in Strasbourg in which many people died from constant dancing (bet they could have used some couples therapy).

And back then, Leonardo DaVinci was still alive… and was much more interesting than Leonardo Di Caprio is today.

So here’s our proof. For USA therapists, we count the years of Clinical experience from the date of their Master’s Degree (not their Bachelor’s… that would be cheating).

Clinical Experience of the Couples Therapy Inc. Team as of June 23, 2018.

  1. Dr. Kathy McMahon, Founder, CEO, Certified Gottman, AASECT certified sex therapist (former). 39 years.
  2. Dr. Scott Wolfe,  Certified Gottman Trainer, & Therapist.  Training in EFT. 39 years.
  3. Dr. Michael McNulty,  Certified Gottman Trainer, & Therapist.  32 years.
  4. Lisa Lund CRC MFT,  Certified Gottman Trainer, & Therapist.  26 Years.
  5. Dr. Maryanna Ham,  Legend in the Field! Lifetime achievement award APA. Level II Gottman.   43 years.
  6.  Rev. James Ramsey MDiv MFT,  Certified Gottman Therapist, and Presenter.  47 years.
  7. Stacy Hubbard LMFT,   Certified Gottman Trainer, and Therapist.  13 years.
  8. Angela Voegele MSW,  Certified Gottman Therapist, AASECT certified sex therapist. 8 years.
  9. Dr. Marni Feureman,  Certified EFT Therapist, & writer at the Gottman Blog.  22 years.
  10. Dr. Heide Rodriguez-Ubinas,  Level III Gottman Therapist  19 years.
  11. Dr. Patricia Gorman,  Advanced training in EFT, Level II Gottman.  37 years.
  12. Daniel Dashnaw MFT, Advanced Training in Gottman, Advanced Training EFT.  2 years.
  13. Jennifer Elkins MHC, Advanced Training in Gottman, EFT Externship.  9 years.
  14. Jennifer Sue Taylor LMFT,  Advanced Training EFT,Advanced Training in Gottman.  37 years.
  15. Jenny Fang MS, Advanced Training in Gottman, CBT Certified  11 years.
  16. Marisa Mundey LMFT, Advanced Training in Gottman.  10 years.
  17. Dr. Alisha Powell, Advanced Training in Gottman.  6 years.
  18. Kent MacEachern LMFT,  Advanced Training in Gottman, Certified Instructor and Training Associate with Interpersonal Communication Programs.  39 Years.
  19. Dr. John “Doug” Burford LPC, Advanced Training in Gottman, Gottman presenter Facilitator – SYMBIS (Save Your Marriage Before It Starts)  29 years.
  20. Havi Kligfeld LCSW, Advanced Training in Gottman, trained at the prestigious Ackerman Institute. 24 years.
  21. Diane Foy, Psychologist, Advanced Training in Gottman, 27 Years.

International Couples Therapists

Their educational requirements for independent practice are different and don’t require a Master’s Degree to practice at an independent level.

  1. Jack O’Leary HDip,  Gottman level II. 16 years
  2. Tehilla Luttig Registered Counsellor H, Gottman level II.  11 years.

We’ll do the math for you.

That’s 558 years of direct clinical experience.

Pretty amazing if I say so myself.

So there you have it. Don’t be fooled. Experience and training matter.

Couples Therapy Inc. we only do one thing. Science-based couples therapy. and we’ve been doing it for a very long time…

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