Couples’ Troubles

7 Ways to Shut Down Your Nagging Wife
Do you have a nagging wife? All men do. It's a real pain, isn't it? I mean, why can't they[...]
Relationship Deficits and Schema
Relationship Deficits arise from issues or schemas. Here are a list of the schemas and their corresponding relationship deficits: Abandonment/Instability:[...]
Domestic Violence 101
Domestic Violence 101 Domestic Violence? Me? By now you've figured out that you are in an abusive relationship. And you're[...]
How to Bicker with Skill
How To Bicker With Skill Do you know how to bicker with skill? With all this science-based couples therapy floating[...]
The Problem of Contempt in Couples Therapy
Contempt is the Worst of the Four Horsemen In previous posts, I have elaborated on four marital behaviors that John[...]
Gottman Research Describes 5 Kinds of Couples
Gottman's Research...Which Couple are You? Dr. John Gottman has been conducted research on couples for over 40 years. As a[...]
What the Research says About How Marriages Fail
Research on Why Marriages Fail John Gottman's Why Marriages Succeed or Fail is one of Dr. John Gottman's most accessible and[...]
12 Lies About Marriage That May Surprise You
1. Marriage is about Love. It's Not a Legal Document. Ok. At Couples Therapy Inc. we like love too. But[...]
The Unfortunate Secret of the Wealthy Divorcee
Divorce doesn't knock us all down. But research reveals a growing gender gap in remarriage rates for the wealthy divorced.[...]
Cobra Husbands
Cobra Husbands There are two distinct types of men who physically and emotionally abuse their wives. According to Neil Jacobson,[...]
Pitbull Husbands
Pitbull Husbands In their seminal work on domestic violence, “When Men Batter Women, New Insights into Ending Abusive Relationships.” Drs.[...]
What your Parents Taught You About Being Married
Do You Ever think About What Your Parents Taught You About Being Married?  It's estimated that of the 7 people[...]
Are You Fighting in Front of the Kids?
Decades of Research About Fighting in Front of the Kids Kids may not seem to hear you when you tell[...]
The Marriage Place: Grandiosity in Marriage
Learn more about how selfishness can be unstabilizing to a marriage.
Does Couples Therapy Work?
What are the Facts? Couples who enter couples therapy at the first sign of regular trouble have a much easier[...]
Walk Away Wife Syndrome…Doing What Works is Counter-Intuitive
When She Wants Out...She "Suddenly" Becomes the Walk Away Wife Keep in mind that your partner, the Walk Away Wife,[...]
Walk Away Wife
Michele Weiner-Davis is a legend in couples therapy. Her particular expertise is "Divorce-Busting." One of the videos in the CTI[...]
The Intimate Martian – Science-based Couples Therapy Practices
In the movie "The Martian" Matt Damon's character vows to resolve his loneliness and "science the shit out of" his[...]