Couples Therapist Near Me – Non-Contiguous States
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Couples Therapist Near Me – Non-Contiguous States

How do I find your couples therapist near me?

The links on list of states and cities below will take you to a page containing our therapists in those states. Or you can scroll down and see a couples therapist near you by the following regions:  Northeast; Southeast; Southwest; Midwestern States; West Coast; Alaska & Hawaii and Puerto Rico; International.

Learn more about the training and certification in the Gottman Method and in Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy.

     Hovering over or clicking their image below for more information.

All of our therapists have training in The Gottman Method of Couples Therapy and Discernment Counseling. Others are certified or have advanced training in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy as well.

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Couples Therapists Near Me in Non-Contiguous States:
Alaska & Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

Finding a good couples therapist to help you with your relationship challenges shouldn't be confusing. We offer many types of therapists from a broad set of disciplines and types of therapy. These include mental health professionals in social work, licensed mental health counselors, licensed clinical psychologists, and licensed professional counselors. We have experience treating a wide range of mental illness health issues including anxiety and depression. We do not, however, work in suicide prevention in online therapy or in an intensive couples therapy format. We also do not take health insurance, as well over 97% of these plans do not pay for couples therapy.

Do you have a passion to become the best Couples Therapist you can be? 

Do you have certifications or advance training in one of the two most popular evidence-based trainings: Gottman Method Couples Therapy or Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy? Interested in joining an international team that shares your passions? We're family owned and dedicated to training!
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