Couples Retreat – Ireland

Help for your marriage in a weekend or online.

Do you remember how easy it was to talk and joke with each other?

To get back there again (to that warm, happy place) you're going to need help.

An expert at a Couples Retreats or Marriage Counseling online.

You can attend a couples retreat right in Ireland.

Or do Marriage Counseling Online from home.

You're going to need a couples therapist who won't let you argue about foolish issues. Someone who won't sit by, silently staring at you (!)

It's too hard for distressed couples to just come out with it.

A Therapist should be on your side, coaxing you to be serious about learning to love well again.

We know how hard that is.  Helping couples is the only kind of work we do.

Someone who'll:

* Conduct an exact assessment.

* Will know what areas you need to work on.

* Will explain things to you in a gentle, but no nonsense manner.

Nancy St. John

Nancy has 5 major certificates or advanced trainings in couples therapy.  She's one of our Senior Therapists.

At Couples Therapy Inc. we search for the most talented Couples Therapists on the planet.  We've found a wonderfully wise one in Ireland.

Nancy St. John.

Conducting Couples Retreats or a Weekend Couples Retreat.  Only at Couples Therapy Inc. - Worldwide.

We're in the business of providing answers to troubled relationships all over the World. And we have a few answers for your relationship, too.

Don't give it up on your relationship until you've given it a serious try, a full effort, with a trained expert in couple therapy.

Drop us a line.